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Clive Butterfield

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It is with regret that I have to announce the sad Death of Clive Butterfield yesterday evening.


Clive was a true loyal supporter of Enfield FC & Enfield Town FC. & a really good friend. He will be sadly missed.


My condolences go to Sue, Rob, Neil, Joanne, Sophie, Emma & my God Son Ryan.


RIP Clive, no more Pain.


God Bless

Gilli, Dave & Jess

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As it looks like we will be in different leagues to EFC can we invite them on the blank saturday 31/7/04 for a friendly to remember Clive?

A good cause and a start to building a better relationship with our former friends.

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Thats a great Idea .I dont Think our friends from Efc would object to that. I did'nt know clive all that well but I knew him to say hello to. My deepest sympathies to Sue and her children. Perhaps the gate money would be handy for Sue.

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Standing behind the goal with Clive throughout the Nineties, I can state that I couldn't wish to have had a better companion by my side to experience the highs and lows of Enfield FC as we were back then. This is the man with the biggest badge and programme collection in town, though you wouldn't call him an anorak for fear of a slap!


I remember Clive saying how he was going to bring Sue along to her first game, and after that the Butterfield clan became a regular feature at Southbury Road. Everyone who knew Clive loved him. I can say that because I've never hear a bad word for the guy. He was also the biggest fan of the TGTLS News fanzine, and every issue he would come up to me and Pete and point to an article and have a good old chuckle and claim it was the best piece of reading he had for months. If it had not been for Clive, there would not have been the Green Lights FC, and subsequently, no charity game which he enjoyed getting involved with.


I have many great memories of the man, but my favourite was Clive's mystery of how his programmes were getting covered in fag ash when he took them out of his bag when he got home. Nicky's dad Doug was the culprit, as he was banging his pipe out on the back of the stand before each game!


To say I'm devastated at the loss of Clive would be an understandment. I think brunob's idea of a game with Enfield would be a fitting way to pay respect to the man, what with his involvement with both sides. God bless, Clive. You will never be forgotten.

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It's difficult to find the right words at a time like this, but bear with me for here they come!

Clive has been a good friend for over 12 years, joining myself and Mr Avey in starting off the whole Green Lights FC/TGTLS News thing.

As far as being Green Lights 'Boss' goes, I think you'll find his record speaks for itself - he was, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst 'manager' ever to run a football team, and we loved him because of it. He told us once that he was considering a tactical switch, which prompted the obvious response; "We didn't know we had any tactics". And he actually had the audacity to apply for the vacant managers position at Stevenage Boro FC - needless to say he was thanked for his application but turned down!

More than that though, Clive and his antics kept the TGTLS News team well supplied with material, helping to keep an otherwise mundane 'fanzine' running for nearly 7 years.

His ultimate achievements were those superb fund-raising 'Charity' games that he arranged at Southbury Road at the end of each season. This gave the Green Lights players the chance to be beaten by a whole host of celebrity teams - George Borg and Gary Calder being in the victorious opposition team once.

Clive's enthusiasm in organising these charity games made them the success that they were, with the proceeds going towards the Amwell View School for children with special needs - which his daughter Joanne attended.

In fact, Clive chased his players and prospective sponsors so eagerly that now he's passed on I'm half expecting a visitation from an angel, asking if I can fill in their sponsorship form!

The great tragedy of all this is felt by those left behind and Clive's many (and lovely) children must really be missing their Dad right now (Squadron Leader, you missed Andrew off the list), and my sincere condolences go out to them.

Clive was one of the real characters at Southbury Road, slightly less so perhaps when he joined the switch to ETFC, and he was great friends with Mrs R - the tragedy here being that he's going to miss the Coath/Ridout marriage this Saturday. Clive always said that she made the best cup of tea in the world and at the moment she is wondering if the service 'up there' is any better!


Clive, you'll be missed.


Rest in Peace my friend.

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My condolences also go to Clive's family.


He always gave me the time of day to discuss the various happenings in the world of non-league football (mainly the virtues of EFC/ETFC) and would always say "hello" or whatever to Samantha.





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Sincere condolences to the Butterfield family from all at Hertford Town also. Clive and Andrew have paid us a few visits this season and I did not know that he was ill. I had a long chat with him at one game, as Andrew used to play for Hertford Town Youth. Very sad news.

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