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played very well, but that was expected, pinnock had good game, roamed free all over the attacking 3rd of the field. so did a player, dont know his name but no. 28, played centre back, also mossa was strong second half, profers played some good long balls. Also no. 24, mayby a PASE player or a trialist played well with no.22 another trialist with no name!! Apart from his goal, a well exacuted back heel from a narrow angle after touching the ball over the keeper, Essandoh was reasonbly quite, poping up every 10 mins or so for a header.

there was a huge thunder storm right above before kick so pitch was a bit water logged.

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Porter was 4
Saunders 8
Manny and Protheroe same as last season...
THat McNamara guy played wide left and looked quality.

Jacko wasn't involved so don't know what number he will be, seeing as Roy has 11 and is a guaranteed first teamer I doubt he'll get that back.

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Spoke to Jacko and he seems to think he will wear 10. i.e Edwards number from last year.

Manny will keep 5, Saunders 8 and Porter 4.

If we sign any one else there is 2 available plus
9 (although the trialist from Brentford (Jay Smith) wore that. He looked and played like Perkins, imo quite useful.

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