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Halifax at home


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It's not going to be March 15th either now - Halifax v York has been chosen for Sky coverage and so has been moved back two days to Monday March 14th. (from confguide)


I'm sure the Halifax fans are pretty disgusted at being messed about - but then Sky don't really have that much regard for real supporters, as shown by their decision to televise Crawley v Morecambe, thus leaving Morecambe fans with a long midweek trek when it would otherwise have been played on a Saturday.

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I went to watch us play Bacelona the last time we played them. The atmosphere was electric. We won 3-1 with all our goals coming in 9 mins, Zola and Flo with a brace. We stood up for the entire time and its the best game I've ever been to.


Unfotunately that was only the first leg, we lost the second leg 5-1 after extra time. We were six minutes away from winning but for a Rivaldo penalty.


Anyway I think were going to win this time around despite no Robben (broke two bones in his foot) and would love to see it all. To see Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto, Guily all being played off the park is too much of an offer to turn down.


The last home game I missed was York City, and I am only missing the game now because of this fantastic opportuinty. The atmoshphere should be electric and hopefully we will all stand and sing up for the enitire time but if I'm told to sit down and shut up once (like I was on sunday) then I'll walk out.


Sorry to go on for so long FF but you did ask.

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I'm sure this has already been explored but, for interest's sake, here goes anyway. What, Harry, were your motives for leaving Chelsea as a supporter? I read an article recently about Chelsea fans leaving the club because they felt they no longer had much input in their success. Before the arrival of Abramovitch, their entrance/programme/beer money actually helped the club progress, but now this input has become superfluous. Are you one of these, or did you just see the light and realise GNFC were better all along <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />?



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