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would you sooner


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I used to see all the games at the Academy then Hx when WH were away but the Urchins have grown on me and after being shafted by first the bond scheme then selling all the players to pay for the hotel I'm afraid I've changed.

Still a Hammer at heart I really feel that football at grass roots level right up to the League has more to offer in terms of satisfaction.


The Prem players are earning too much dosh and although I say good luck to them cos we all try and earn when we can in life but this should not be at the fans expense, eg: £45.00 or so to watch a Pre game is extortionate and if you look at the WH crowds of late, even though it's not Prem, they are dwindling and after a reduction.


I would love other views cos you could talk about this all night.

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Iam glad you have all caught the Urchin bug I gave up on the Hammers when they went down to the old 2nd div. and feck knows how long ago that was,but like a fool I still look out for their results, after the Urchins that is.

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Urchins definetly!


My "Other" team is Arsenal and I would support Hornchurch over them in the Cup every time....


Been Arsenal once this season (against Newcastle -sorry Mags!!) and it was rubbish, so boring, no atmosphere, and full of complete muppets slagging off Vieira and Henry. They haven't got a clue!!

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Not too sure what all the fuss is about with all this league football - we went to West Ham against Cardiff on Sunday, where the highlight of the match was the blow-up lamb which was being tossed around - no idea why.


And the chant of "you got Dunne in Bournemouth" - no idea who Dunne is or where he plays.


The other highlight was the yob who got chucked out for throwing his coffee over the balcony onto the police and the Cardiff supporters - at £1.40 per cup, he must have been made of money.


The football was not too good, in fact it was awful, and to pay £47 for a ticket for myself and my son was a disgrace.

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