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Braintree Friendly Cancelled

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Well hopefully they will have a new manager then as Borg is a liability. I'll warrant that the real reason is the pending investigation into Borgs activities by the FA which is well documented. Well done Hornchurch. Braintree/Borg are a disgrace to Non League Football. Boxing Day is imperative for us. Lets make it happen.

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Think you'll find that it was you that cancelled the fixture last year because you had an injury crisis.

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Psycho Monkey said:
I saw you earlier UB, in Hx with a yellow shirt on if I remember correctly....it looked like a giant tennis ball walking down the road....

What was he doing with my shirt on!! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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don't see the problem with whoever said it.


everyone is entitled to an opinion.


i have my own of mr borg, which i too am entitled to. however, i have no wish to discuss broken old goats with tourette's on a public forum, so shall keep my thoughts to myself.


of course, nobody would ever say anything nasty about hornchurch, would they? especially not to the non-league "paper"...

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