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His third spell there, apparently.


Luke McShane's at Spalding.


Danny Glozier now at Brentwood.


And, most gloriously obscurely of all, former PASE player Aiden Pursglove is at Erith and Belvedere.

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Originally Posted By: eufckev
jc, I've been meaning to ask... how do you know these things?

JC lives in one of those pods like in The Matrix and he is tapped into the mainframe which sends ex-Fleet player news down the neural network direct to his brain. It's the only way to explain his extra-special trialist updates.
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Originally Posted By: Jimmy

Aiden Pursglove scored for Erith on Saturday.

JC - you are letting yourself down badly - this was posted 10 months ago alongside Louis Affor news.

More punishments are needed - obviously licking Kenny's donkey meat flavoured face was not bad enough?
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I can only reply in mitigation that the excitement of seeing mention of the great 5'4" goal machine blinded me to any accompanying news at the time.


A feeble excuse, but one of which I'm sure Halfway Liners in particular would at least partially approve.

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Originally Posted By: Hooky The Mascot
Whos dressing room is Kwashi nicking from now.? wink

Someone said to me that he is in vietnam playing for Dong Tam Long or something or other but a search of web finds nothing other then the following

2007 Vietnam Dong Tam Long An
2006 Vietnam Hai Phong
2005 Vietnam Dong Tam Long An
04/05 England Dartford FC
03/04 England Margate FC
03/04 England Gravesend & Northfleet FC
02/03 England Gravesend & Northfleet FC
01/02 England Fisher Athletic London
2001 Norway FK Mj
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Austin Berkley now at Croydon (not Athletic; the Kent League one).


Midget pre-season trialist Jamie Wood played his 400th game for Cray last Saturday apparently.


Lee Gledhill now at Folkestone.


Why did they call him 'Conkers'?

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