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Stu B

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I thought it was about time we started a thread just to say thankyou for all the work daves done on the website(i'm not sure if your continuing that but i feel thats needs some thanks aswell)and the forum. I think that the criticism dave has recieved from VARIOUS people is wrong,he is doing this completely voluntarily and recieves little/no thanks.

Thanks again.

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Quite agree FleetBoy.

Perhaps one of those who made the snide comments would like to take over, they obviously can do things much better than anyone else can.

Perhaps 'Foghorn Tony' would like to take over running the Pledge scheme but he's probably too busy moaning and throwing his toys about to care.


Thanks for the site and forums Dave but you shouldn't have to take crap from people who can't even be bothered to register.

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Personally, of the people who've recently taken issue with you, I sense that GNFC is basically ok & he wouldn't want you to stop doing an excellent job any more than the rest of us. I think he felt (wrongly, in my opinion) that the Board was a bit cliquey & that he was viewed as an "outsider" who was unwelcome. This clouded his judgement of you and some regular contributors. The other - Mr Anonymous (Foghorn Tony?) has damned himself by his comments.


Don't go, Dave. We need you.



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Whilst I am touched by your good wishes, one of the criteria for me in doing this job was that it is fun.


This is no longer the case, so I really don't want to do it anymore.


I'll carry on doing the website as long as the club wants me, or until that stops being fun, at which point I will just go back to being an ordinary Joe slagging off referees from the half-way line

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