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The best bits..............


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My best memory of the season has to be Urchins v Sudbury (It's the only one i've attended).


I travelled up from the posh bit of the Garden of England due to the much heralded Urchin fever that has been buzzing around the country. I felt it was little sacrifice to spend two hours on trains and tubes to reach this promised land.


On arrival i was greeted most warmly by Jen and all the staff. I felt like a V.I.P and was scared they'd mistaken me for a model and was nervous i'd be caught out!


I was given a tour of the stadium and witnessed first hand the outstanding facilities. Testament to the hard work of the Club in bringing refinement and luxury to the masses that play/work and worship the Urchins


I had non stop hospitality, and what a friendly bunch! I met the infamous fans from the FF and was made to feel so at home.


Maxy and his famous commentary was a sight and sound to behold. The atmosphere amazing.


The result went 'our' way but it mattered not. I felt a winner that day for having trodden the hallowed turf of the Bridge.


I thank you




P.S The above statement has nothing to do with my conveyance home in the club Bentley grin


P.P.S As an aside i judge a footballing day out as a 'whole' experience. Obviously the match comes first, but to bring 'em back and ensure an experience to be repeated all the background stuff has to be right. I like to do a bit of ground hopping. I've had many good experiences. But, the Hornchurch FC one is the best and will live in my memory forever. Thank you all bisou


P.P.P.S No publicity wink

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Jesus Christ, oh have I touched a nerve?

Well done lads and lasses, mefinks there will be too many to print but of course Roots Hall was special.

I would refer to Janners goal at Borehamwood, Jesus' goal(s) at home v Tilburg, Super Duper's goal v Aveley and ...., and ...., and...., Jimmy's clearance off the line, which one I ask?, Dale's save v..., there were many, Ronnie's goal v Grays that set us on our way, Purd's hitting the bar, Greeny's cross at... oh there were many, blimey I stop there as I have run out of time but wot a season!


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For me it was the whole Welling experience. The incredible atmosphere, a superb team performance punching above their weight yet again and giving Welling such a fright - and of course the treasured Unc and Jonboy commentary. Fantastic!!


Then there was the Kris Lee 12 minute hat trick against Witham (my M.O.M.)


Then there was the night we took Grays apart in the ESC.



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