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Sponsored walk


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The more the merrier. I am sure there are sufficient places on the coach for the return journey but otherwise I am sure you can blag a lift. See you at the Park bright for an 8am start.

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I'm quite looking forward to it actually - better still if Hampton have already won the league by then and let us have a sympathetic victory smile Can't really see Dev letting them ease up against Slough though can you.


My sponsorship is ticking along quite nicely - passed £150 today including a couple of donations from AFC Wimbledon supporters. Just hoping the feet will make it

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Mark, as there are a large number of us doing this walk it is highly likely that we will split up into groups of people who want to walk at a similar pace. The most important thing is to go at a pace you are comfortable with and when you feel comfortable with directions etc. I know from a previous walk on a similar route that by the team the leading group reached Datchet the backmarkers were already a mile behind.

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looking forward to saturday, fingers crossed the weather will be on our side.

ive raised £105, £35 more than last year so far so im happy (was determined to get more than last year as i was a scbu baby!!)


we wouldnt have got lost last year in that housing estate if we hadnt decided to be clever and walk on without the map tongue

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