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Paul Scally: "I think we'll still get promoted".

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"I think we'll get promoted," he said as the doctors put on his strait jacket before putting him in an ambulance. "I've thought that all season. If you need to get your business in order then you need to do it in the first third of the season," said Mr Scally as he began to write his letter to Jim’ll Fix it.


Gills manager Mark Stimson has so far added seven new faces to the squad and Mr Scally is delighted with the new recruits. "They help me get boxes out of my car, they're great."


"He's spent his money wisely" said the Gills chairman. "He's steered clear of Northern Rock and hasn't put any money into the American Market, he knows that their is plenty of money in gold and oil so that's what he's gone for," said the man who plunged the club into £10,000,000 worth of debt.


The Players he's brought in from the Conference are capable of having a big impact (you're not wrong) and every player that has come in and improve what we had previously, the last time we were non-league."


“If those players help others to develop then it's going to be a very exciting season ahead and seasons ahead of that". Anyone got the map to Kidderminster?


The article was written in November.

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Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars
You know all about problems eh Karl.

yes harry I do...one could say that having spent most of my professional life buying and selling insolvent companies with varying degrees of success/failure that I do indeed understand problems....and you have more than you need son believe you me...

enjoy your current success but leave others alone....it will bite you badly...
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Maybe Mr Scalley's problem is with usage of the English language and that he really believes when you go down a division it's called a promotion.... Either that or he's holding the paper with the league table in it upside down...

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