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i know some off the pitches in the league are not brilliant but, (chess + hook game off again because of a waterlogged pitch) surely there is a stndard that the pitch has to meet and if a pitch can't be playable after 2 1/2 days of no rain is this acceptable? and is there a official that checks the pitches in the league to see if they are fit every now and then?

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The CCL do have a grounds committee that look at all aspects of grounds and pitches.

I believe clubs are doing their best this season, especially given how wet the winter weather has become in recent years.

We picked up a lot of criticism earlier in the season re waterlogging. Our pitch is built on a flood plain and can be a problem but few of our recent visitors have had cause to complain since vertidrain work has been carried out. Raynes Park Vale are another who have worked hard in the past couple of years to improve their surface and I hear that Chessington will be carrying out pitch improvements in the summer.

It was rather ironic that these three clubs were visited recently by the league where one club was criticised for a changing room being 2 inches to narrow!

We are all aware of the individual work that needs to be done both at step 5 and in order to promote yet there is little help out there. Imagine just how much you could do with some club's playing budgets being diverted into ground/pitch improvements.

The only club's that needle me slightly are those that do little or nothing to improve their pitches or even cut, roll and mark them properly! (So speaks a groundsman at heart)!!

I think things are improving in the CCL to be fair although I would like to hear from Div 1 clubs re their situation.

It would be interesting to hear who would be eligible to promote AT PRESENT from the CCL. I bet there aren't too many!! bigcry


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Which Clubs/pitches do you think could do with a little more TLC Chris?? Now that we are coming to the end of the season it would be interesting if we had a vote type of poll thingy to see what peoples opinions were of this seasons pitches.


Over to you Krooner..........


We could rate pitches from 1-5 on their own experiences this season on the state of the pitch.

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Well you did ask.


Ash - 3. I always seem to go when it is cold but dry so no major probs. Brighter lights though please!

Banstead 2. - Grass too long and needs a roll. Always bloody cold/windy except this season.

Bedfont - 4. Never seen it bad there.

Bedfont Green - 4. No probs at Yeading just no atmos!

Bookham - 2. Bad for Bookham v Woods game I'm afraid. (Mind you Bookham did alright on it)!

Camberley - 3. Slopy but not too bad but can get a bit wet.

Chertsey - 4. Usually fine but sometimes isn't cut evenly.

Chessington - 2. Always pretty heavy there.

Cobham - 3. Can get a little threadbare around now but seldom off.

CWU - 3. Improved 2nd half of season and if we can get the council to clear local drainage ditches it will improve further. Top floodlights!

Cove - 3. Let you know more Saturday but I like going to Cove usually.

Dorking - 2. See Bookham.

Egham - 2. Such a shame as the ground is OK but the pitch is poorly maintained.

Epsom - 2. See Banstead.

Guildford - 2. Didn't go this season but is either boggy or dry and bobbly. No happy medium.

Horley - 4. Better than recent years when it was dry and dusty.

Merstham - 4. Pretty good all round ground.

North Greenford - 5. Best pitch in the league IMHO no matter what the weather. Dangerous club socially as I have left there many times over the years as blind as a mole!

RPV - 2. Improved last 2 years but can still be heavy.

Reading - 4. Big old pitch but usually OK.

Sandhurst - 3. Usually OK but can get a little heavy.

Wembley - 4. No probs at Vale Farm, just the journey!


I could do a more tongue in cheek analysis but I wouldn't want to fall out with anyone!

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Ash - 3. Well maintained, cut and rolled often, drainage good barring 1 corner. Too many bobbles and soft underfoot.

Banstead 2. - Slope is horrble. Plenty of grass but always too long.

Bedfont - 2. Been better in recent years but too many bare patches. The Jumbos are a killer!

Bedfont Green - 5. Great surface - always windy.

Bookham - 2. Just a bad pitch. Struggle to take your eye off the ball. You expect it with it lots of games on it all the time.

Camberley - 3 Bad slope again. A game of 2 halfs.

Chertsey - 4. Decent surface. Good lights

Chessington - 2. Good surface when dry. Slope lets it down plus any downpours

Cobham - 3. Never called off but never much grass in the middle area. Very bobbly.

CWU - 3. Nice early season surface. Not played there this season yet. Good floodlights!

Cove - 2. 5 if i judged it on Augusts visit there. Recently its back to its usual cow field.

Dorking - 2. See Bookham.

Egham - 2. Very soft pitch in the wet. Poor surface.

Epsom - 2. See Banstead.

Guildford - 2. No atmosphere and pitch is never easy to play good football on. Hoof and hope!!

Horley - 4. Look forward to playing there each season. Good flat surface.

Merstham - 4. Very good place to play. Always good pitch.

North Greenford - 5. Most def best pitch in the league. As Chris says - security around the car park has to better. Heard of cars being broken in to during games.

RPV - 2. Slope kills you. A little rain sometimes helps this pitch.

Reading - 3. Average pitch. Always very windy

Sandhurst - 4. Always a good surface even when quite wet.

Wembley - 4. Only played their once. It was a very good pitch and changing rooms. Shame about the location. Nice view of wembley Stadium though.

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Gussy played for Wembley - great pitch.....then on to Dorking - Fecking awful bog of a pitch....then on to North Greenford - Great pitch.


Gussy what happened??


That must have been 1 hell of a shock in between!!

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The three words 'I'll' , 'Drink' and 'Buy', do not appear in any order in a sentence quoted by Gussy !

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