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forrest green


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I don't post often and i know people will say i'm a newbie but i've been a fan a long time and i can honestly say after that performance i am questioning liam'a interest!!


The midfield lost everything and gave the ball away cheap, the defence was weak and we missed darius, people left early and i've not seen that this year yet!


I am amazed at the subs, murray was awful but something was needed as barret been poor last few games. Why not bring on stone who was really good sat when came on??? He works hard and wants it yet we keep picking him up and down?? And ibe should now start and give him some confidence.....


And mom?????? are you all mad did you not see him give goal away?? i am utterly gobsmacked tonight and can not believe that liam feels he made right choices in subs... If i was stone, smith or shakes i'd be pissed off with this [****!!****], especially stone when he made a good impact on sat. Slatter was best defended today and i'd put him in middle instead of all these creative players that we keep wanted to play. MAybe liam has listen to all you people that call the creative players may relise we need hard workers! And luke moore today, well i think they should all be in everyday until the team spirit comes back.


I don't like to post negatives but i don't see any desire this year and its very disapointing????


Sorry guys but i feel disapointed tonight .

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Forest Green definitely did a job on us tonight. Despite our lack of a cutting edge FGR have to be congratulated for taking their chance and then dealing unceremoniously with what few threats there were.


It would be very easy to point the finger at some of the decisions by the man in the middle and I'm sure many will, but we just weren't good enough tonight.


Just when you thought the Cambridge game was dead and buried......

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really disappointing tonight.did not make good listening on radio.

there is no understanding in the forward line no heading ability etc

i know we can do it eg crawley game.

personally ibe deserves a chance to play i hope liam gives him a chance to

whatever happens this season good moments bad moments

the lads need our support





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It is really going downhill fast isnt it!


I personally have no idea what is wrong with certain players that used to be so reliable. Im not going to name names - Borat put one foot wrong and it led to the goal... not neccessarily a bad game but there you go...


We were poor overall though and FGr deserved it.


Really dont feel like going anymore - but ive said that before and always go back!! wink

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I have to agree with you razzle! What a very poor game!

I have to question if Liam Daish knows what he is doing and if his heart is in it.

Smith must be tearing his hair out,what has gone wrong with him and Liam Daish? Hawkins look vunerable all night and well Slatter as a full back? Forest Green see this as a weak link and played balls in the air to Slatter at every opportunity.


Barratt again was none exhistant before the injury and even ore so after! How can someone get booked four times in the first half a dozen games of the season and then not even make a tackle for the next dozen or so? Is he waiting until February when the booking count is wiped clean and he can tackle again?


Hand did ok for 20mins and then went AWOL and did nothing in the 2nd half when the team needed him to stand up and be counted.

Murrey did nothing when on as sustitute apart from send a forty yeard ball out for a goal kick! Sacha was frigtened to tackle after being booked early on. Luke moore had a very poor game by his standards, but this can be expected from a young player after his recent performances which have been encouraging and he cannot be expected to be consistant at a young age.


Gash had also an off night, but unfortunately i do not see Ibe as a replacement for either of these giving him 10mins tocome up with something special. I agree he needs a run in the team not used as a " go on and get us a goal merchant "


I agree with what you say about Stone he was praised by Daish on Saturday when he come on and then was over-looked tonight. Football is all about disappointments but there seems to be to many players at the Fleet at the moment that Liam does not seem to want there, as he has implied in interviews.




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Couldnt believe it was the same team as Saturday, bar Hawkins for Charles. There was no midfield creation, and no fight in the team as a whole.


The only time we vaguely looked like we could get the goal back was the opening 10 minutes of the second half, but their keeper didnt have one save to make the whole game.


I would have given Lance MOM - 3 or 4 excellent stops again - even when he made the mistake in the first half, he recovered it well. Also thought Pooley was solid enough at the back.


I didnt think Hawkins was that bad - ok , his defensive header led to the goal, but 9 times out of 10 that would have flown into row Z of the stand (& thats not saying it wasnt a great strike & one that deserved to win the game).

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Agree with Richard... bar his poor clearance for the goal, Hawkins was otherwise one of the 'better' (I use the word lightly) players in a poor team. Like certain other players, Hawkins' poor season means he probably can't do anything right and one mistake will override anything else he does.


That said, whe he headed backwards for the goal, where the f*** was the rest of the defence when the goalscorer followed in unmolested?

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Why did we drop kezie after he went on a run of 4 in 3 games or whatever it was. I know we have got injuries at the moment with the defence being hit badly fir example no macca, smudge and darius, then call up hawkins( borat) who has played 90 mins in the last 6 weeks, next season we need to maybe have a unoffical reserve team fixture list so that these players are keeping matchfit.

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I'm the same as you Razzle, I'm new to this cyber lark but have been following the team since the late 70's, rarely miss a home match, a season ticket holder but that performance last night was terrible! FGR were a well organised team but they were beatable but just not by us! That sunny day in May seems such a distant memory doesn't it?


What I can also never understand is Daish's substitutions. We're losing 1-0 and don't look like scoring so get a midfielder/defender off and get another striker on! You might as well lose 2-0 or 3-0 but get a couple of extra strikers on and give it go! Don't leave it until 10 minutes before the end and then replace a striker and midfielder like for like.


I don't like to have a go at the team/manager but you can't defend that performance last night.

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I Drove home questioning my decision to book a weekend away in York, few beers watch the game, curry etc ! now after watching that dross last night staying home and watching repeats of last of the summer wine and a kebab seems more appealing !!

Slatts took some stick from some of the fans near me in the first half and have to say some of it seemed justified, he was continually caught out of position with Pooley having to come across and cover, he clearly is not a defender.

I texed my other half after 10 minutes to say the game had 0-0 written all over it, the set up of the team seemed wrong from the start, I just cant see how we are going to score goals regularly, Gash has not convinced at all, the midfield is easliy surrendered and we still are content to pump the long ball to players who dont win headers often or on the odd occasion that we do, no-one reads it and the ball is easily dealt with by the defence.

What has happened to the side we had at the start of the season when our Goal differnce was one of the best in the league and we looked like a decent side ? On last nights showing and to some extent saturdays game, we could be humbled by lowly bognor on saturday.......... Season over !!!


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Originally Posted By: razzlered
And mom?????? are you all mad did you not see him give goal away??

I really feel that I must defend Peter on this. Not only was it a blatent offside (I was standing right in line of it - shame the lino wasn't) but also Peter was pushed over by one of FG's players which again the lino did not see. I thought he played quite well and at least he had good control of the ball unlike many of the other players. I also thought that Lance had saved us for a major defeat and was excellent.
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Before I disceminate the on - field performance last night, it is perhaps worth talking about the terrace talk and rumour mill that abounded, it was more interesting than the game, and perhaps sheds some light as to why it all went wrong last night.

Some of this talk was from respected, trustworthy people with links to the club

1. Liam is on Oxford United's short list - they were in the stand to see Liam "in action"

I'm not sure that given Oxford's financial plight they can afford him, and would Liam go there with a limited budget.

2. Fleet players only train 11 hours per week. Add on 2 matches (2 x 8 hours) = no more than 27 hours per week.

3. Many of the players have "other" jobs.

If 2 and 3 is true, then that is scandellous.

27 hours per week is part time.

It would explain why we appear so inept at set plays, free kicks, corners and general shooting ability.

I would expect 2 hours fitness work, 4 weekdays mornings, + 2-3 hours technical stuff in the afternoons.

4 Liam has had another bust up with some players -Ricketts, Ibe and Smith.

Smith may be injured, of course, but it would also explain why our best full back, a lively young striker and the England C captain were on the bench, bench and stand respectively last night.

The team last night had wholly the wrong shape.

Slatter is a good winger/right sided midfielder. He is NOT a full back. He will cover there in an emergency, but positionally, he is not in the same class as Ricketts.

Pooley again looked composed until his injury, and little blame can be apportioned to Hawkins, thrown in the deep end after very little match play for months. He had few choices with his header, he was being shoved in the back, a header back to Lance was not a good option, and few could have predicted such a spectacular volley from 30 yards.

Hand played his usual languid self, spraying passes both long and short, and was always available.

By the end he looked fed up as his service to Moore, George and Gash was lost within the first two or three touches.

George is a better winger than striker - he looks happier coming in from the left wing. Barrett and Long occupied the middle ground, offering no width at all on either side.

Moore looked lost, neither a midfielder or striker. He is better up front.

Gash was woeful.

His inability to turn was embarrassing. Time and agian he got the ball at his feet, facing away from goal, but was unable to create anything due to to his slow feet. Invaraibly, his passes were back to the midfield, or he just lost the ball. He looked as poor as THAT hapless centre half triallist in the Charton freindly.

The substitutions were equally confusing. Ricketts on for the injured Pooley was correct, but why wasn't Ibe brought on for Gash, pushing Luke up , Hand forward and Murray as the holding player?.

All and sundry around were saying, yet again, no plan B, substitutions way too late to impact on the game.

There is a prevailing air of doom and gloom at Stonebridge Road, evidenced by the boos that echoed around the fast emptying terraces, the the players embarrassment to applaud the brave and hardy souls who endured such a torrid performance on such cold night.

At least the Sausauge roll was hot and tasty, and the Aero choccie drink was sublime.

I think that could become legendary, and it is becoming the most appealling aspect of visiting Stonebridge Road.

The on field performance, yet again is simply not acceptable.

There are no doubt a few (Billy) who will find postives from the match, but, in truth, whilst this remains a talented side, they have no organisation, motivation, and are not being led or directed correctly from the manager.




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Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz
1. Liam is on Oxford United's short list - they were in the stand to see Liam "in action"
I'm not sure that given Oxford's financial plight they can afford him, and would Liam go there with a limited budget.

I know an ardent Oxford fan who has also said that Daish is on their short-list. However, he reckons the majority of Oxford fans want Steve Cotterill?
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Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz

It would explain why we appear so inept at set plays, free kicks, corners

Can anyone remember when we last scored from a corner?

Another problem we have is no single player remotely capable of changing a game. Bar the odd Moore wonder goal, and he's only going to do those every so often, there isn't anyone who has the imagination or capability to change things. Long would have last season, but not this. There is no McPhee, no Akinde.

I take on board what you're saying about Ibe but playing him is no solution either. I'd imagine after a game or two of impressing, he'd find himself dragged down to everyone else's level because he is as inconsistent as most of his teammates.

We're a mid-table side, nothing more.
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