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The Balance of The Squad


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Is it right?


To me we look like we need a ball-winning tough cookie in midfield and a right back with a bit of pace rather than more strikers.


I don't claim to be a great reader of the game (in fact I'm pretty crap!) but I do wonder whether Saturday's midfield of Ashe, Chandiram, Porter and Romeo was just a bit lightweight for a tough old slog in wind, rain and mud against a team battling for their lives.


Class though he undoubtedly is, Jake didn't provide any extra muscle when he came on as that's not his game.


Anyway, this is not intended to be critical in any way, or a knee-jerk reaction to Saturday's disappointment, just a question for debate.


Is the balance of the squad ideal at the moment?

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I think playing players out of position doesn't help. Chennels looked lost out on the wing last night. Joe should be on the wing. instead of in the middle of midfield, I think we should stick to 4-4-2. Tilbs should have been at the back (If available) Laza on the wing with Chens and O'Toole up front. Leon/Yash to bring on if we need a change. I agree we miss Kyle and Dickens will be a great prospect when fit. To be fair to Wembley defended brilliantly yesterday and deserved the win. The ref was awful since when has it been eight steps from the ball for a freekick?


I am not saying this is what Keith must do as he must have his reasons for the side he picked. Injured players, absentees etc.

This is just my personal view.

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Agree with most of what you say Guardsmen! The ref needs to go back to school!! Every free kick he just paced out eight steps!! Bizarre!! Was a bit disappointed with the new striker last night to be honest! Surely when you have strikers with the quality of O'Toole and Chennels you play them up front together in a 4-4-2!!

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Hmm, unlucky against C&H? I don't think so. Yes, we created more chances, but we really were pretty poor in that game.


Same last night until the last 20 mins when we suddenly started to ping the ball around.


Anyway, back to the balance of the squad - ok, Jake is out, but we are not decimated by injuries yet "had to" play Chennells on the right wing. I know this is non-league football and squads are small but with so few options on the right side (defence and midfield / attack) it just doesn't seem logical to sign Leeyon Phelan which results in sticking (arguably) the best poacher in the League out on the bleedin' wing. (Where, incidentally, he looked totally lost.)


Incidentally, nothing against Phelan who I think looks decent, giving us more / different options. But then is he any better than Yash, who, when he played more centrally pre-Chennells, looked like rivalling O'Toole's scoring record?


I dunno, it just doesn't look like a properly balanced squad to me.


But anyway, I'm not a doom and gloom merchant after a couple of losses - just voicing my observations on where we are.

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Well, ok but pretty much same difference to me. He was stuck out on the right wing much of the time and almost completely ineffective. As he was on Saturday.


Lazarczuk was right winger was he? He rarely got past the half way line.


Anyway, I know bugger all about formations and tactics (that's obvious I'm sure) but I suppose the bottom line is that we sure do miss Jake and Kyle.

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All teams go on a bad run.

Think yourself lucky when we have a couple of injuries or suspensions we field reserves and youth players as the same as most teams in this division.

And they do a good job, but its not the same as having your regular settled players.

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Surely the forum is to discuss events like when we win 10-1 and when we lose 2 in a row. It's just opinions anyway. People can read them or not. Football is up for discussion positive or negative this is what football forums are for isn't it?


I hate to say this but I agree with Rother (1st time for everything) Laza looked like he was playing right back and chennels looked right wing. 3 up front would surely be more central.


Like I said before I am not saying this is what Keith must do as he must have his reasons for the side he picked. Injured players, absentees etc. This is just my personal view. (So don't get all defensive Mal is is just discussion and banter!)

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