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At the End of the Day they are not our players, so

NOTHING to do with us.

Not found guilty of anything over here.


Our applause for ex urchins (Darren and Leon) the other week didn't

get a mention. Must admit very sporting of us.

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While its nice that we applaud SOME ex urchins,we have been guilty of abusing others.

Ok ,some go to clubs we hate like steve west and therefore leave themselves open to abuse,but there have been times when others have abused players who were here maybe a while back and didnt maybe choose to move,or go to a rival.Saying that,it tends to be young impressionable chaps who do boo,so maybe a word in their shell like would suffice

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Agreed,although the mudslinging has already started on twitter and other forums


I guess these comments come from other supporters of rival clubs who think that their teams / clubs are whiter than white and the sun shines out of their arses!!?


all i say to that is :2fingers:





Up the Urchins!!

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Our Club and its supporters are very much the victims here so I wonder who the mudslingers are targeting?  The Australian press stated that an offer was made LAST YEAR to provide five 'free' players to the Southern Stars team for this current season.  So, not wishing to pre-judge, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that these five players would have needed to 'prove themselves' prior to making the trip to Australia.  Should that have been the case then this would most certainly have impacted on our League position last season ... the consequences being relegation.


Why the Southern Stars Management were not suspicious when offered 'free' players is astounding.


Like others have said, the betting companies are the catalyst here.  There should be no betting allowed on domestic non league games full stop.

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I'm not going to pre-judge anything here, will wait for the facts. However if those players, for the sake of argument did have to prove themselves there's going to be some extremely disappointed players, staff and fans at Hornchurch. Nothing proven yet so all conjecture

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Serious Sid has a good point. Why did Southern Stars think they were getting five players for nothing with airfares paid etc. It transpires that Woolley and Noel had been living in a Melbourne hotel all the time. Who was picking up the cost of this? As a former official and life member of a Victorian team that reached the Premier League briefly a few years back, I am sure we would have been highly suspicious of such an offer. Believe me, over here it is not uncommon for players coming from the UK and elsewhere to ask for hundreds of dollars a game, even those who only have had experience at lower than Conference level. One newspaper over here has also questioned why the Victorian Football Federation would not query why players coming from decent clubs overseas were not getting paid, but, again from personal experience not much gets picked up over here. Many players play as amateur, which allows them to be paid expenses up to but no more than $100 a game but talk to some of these players and they say they are getting many times that. For a club of modest means like mine, that was always the end of any discussion.


Apparently, two of the players left Southern Stars in July and went to play in the Queensland Premier league. According to one paper those results are being looked at. The reporter also mentioned Hornchurch but whether he was just drawing a long bow, I don't know.

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We know who you mean Jordan.


Colin must be pulling his hair out - this is getting sillly now.

There's a lot of people that have worked so hard to get Hornchurch to where it is now and to start re-building it's reputation then this happens.

And we are going to be unfairly associated with this.

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