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Enfield Town v Ashford Town - Match Fred

Tally Ho

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14mins ETFC 1-0 ATFC - Devyne from the edge of the box.

16mins ETFC 2-0 ATFC - Bola with the second.

28mins ETFC 2-1 ATFC.

32mins ETFC 3-1 ATFC - Parcell lobs in the third.

HT ETFC 3-1 ATFC - An entertaining first half at the QES.

A minute in to the second half and Ashford score a penalty to make it 3-2.

52mins ETFC 3-3 ATFC - Not for the first time this season Town concede as a result of a break from our own corner.

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Originally scheduled for Staines the first Saturday after the season but things change.

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The match will definitely be on Saturday 7th May, but won't be at Northwood. The software used to manage the Cups automatically defaults the venue to the club drawn at home, but can be altered by the relevant people at Middlesex FA. This will be done once the final confirmation of the venue is received.

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