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Enfield Town v Chesham United


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The difference in the quality of the Southern Premier leagues to the Ishmian Leagues is clearly shown in the results as a whole.

The only comment I can make on Seemgee's remark regarding "concentrating on the league" is that we are lucky to be able to do so. I am glad we weren't designated into one of the various Southern Leagues when the pyramid was reshaped. Look at Hendon's predicament. What is it they say about the size of ponds and Big Fish?? 

I think we have been given a very clear reality check.

As for CC comment on AL  I can't see that happening this season. So Viva the Status Quo!!! Not unless he decides to go make podcasts on a permanent basis. Can't wait for his next TV on U-Tube!!!! 

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Embarrassing performance today not one shot on target in the first 45 minutes, walked out after there 3rd goal, we could still be out there now  and still wouldn’t have scored, can’t comment on the last 20 minutes as I had had enough by then, we were completely outplayed in every department for the 70 minutes I watched, scoreline could actually  have been a lot worse not one player came out of that game with any credit 

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Found it strange that neither Cass or Della Verde were in the starting line. You have to start with your best forwards in order to at least compete from the beginning. The first goal in todays circumstances was always going to set the tone.

Having said that I must give AL credit for his after match interview. It will be interesting to see if the players actually do respond it. Because if his comments on their attitude to the game plan has any validity then some heads will have to roll.  It may answer my many times asked question as to why many of them have a long lists of clubs in their CVs.  

After all there are still plenty of good players out there , in lower leagues, who are only waiting for a chance. That is assuming we have got someone out scouting for them. 


























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2 hours ago, 4wembleyfinals said:

Can't wait for his next TV on U-Tube!!!! 

AL was interviewed post-match. He also used the words "embarrassing" and "pathetic" AND he offered to refund fans from his own pocket! 

The FA competitions are so very important for us. There is absolutely no point in getting promoted unless we have the resources (playing and financial) to stay up in the National League. At the moment we are nowhere near good enough to survive in the National League. Just look at the rude awakening that has been Cheshunt's season so far - they've had to change most of their squad and are still struggling (which might be expected of a side which was only the 5th best in the Isthmian League last season). Unless we're planning on winning the lottery, winning a couple/a few rounds in the FA Cup / Trophy is essential. Instead we have performed abysmally against sides at the same level in the pyramid.

My considered view is that it is time for a change. We need a new manager and a rebuild of the squad. If the players aren't performing when it really matters then the buck stops with the manager.

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I tend to agree CC with your view entirely. But after I saw his interview I had to change my original post in order to include his observations. 

Consequently if, as AL said and I have no reason to doubt him, the management tried in vein to get the team to comply to their plan then even I do not think the manager should take the can on his own for todays fiasco. 

As you know I have been very critical of AL's appointment from the very start but today the team must also be held accountable as I have stated in my amended post. But if they have not got the ability to play to a plan or decide to go their own way then no manager can change them.  

I also agree that sooner or later changes will have to be made but I am prepared on this occasion to see how the team react in the next couple of games. There are more other considerations to consider in addition to the manager's situation and that concludes the future plan for the club as a whole. Especially the financial aspect.





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I was really looking forward to watching the game yesterday and thought it could be a free flowing example of how to play the game with attackers raiding down the wings, crossing the ball to the waiting players to put the ball into the net. I then woke up! Shame our team didn’t.

Yes, there will be comments about the number of time Chesham players went to ground but I can assure everyone that they weren’t the only ones having drunk too much ‘falling down water’. It’s a great shame that conning and cheating to gain advantage from the referee has percolated down the leagues so quickly, and there’s no way of stopping it. I did say to one well respected Town supporter that the ref’ would send someone off and how right I was! Must do the lottery next Tuesday.

As for the game itself, one shot on target! Second to most balls. No desire or urgency. 0-4 drubbing. Must do better.


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I wasn't at the game yesterday, but it's hugely disappointing to go out of both major cups at the first hurdle, and the scale of both defeats are embarrassing, albeit they were two less than favourable draws compared to what we could have got. Some credit to Andy for being so forthright in his post game comments, I guess one of the few positives is that we do have what looks like a decent squad to be able to shake up the starting line up to hopefully trigger a response. Comments about sacking the manager I think are premature, we are 5th in the league and 3 points off of top after all, but any more performances like this, and questions will and should be asked. Seems crazy that we're able to grind out wins, and defend robustly one day, and then absolutely capitulate with little more than a whimper another.

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