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Think it was 700 just more people on the terraces rather than the seats. Remember in future no animal noises on the eastside <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/attentat.gif" alt="" />

Anyway PM your not reading your posts again! Course there was easily 400 there.

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There was a gate of 690 at the Stortford match, and we thought there were more than that there on Saturday. We stood over the far side in the first half and the covered terrace looked quite crowded.


It should not be overlooked that the Urchins gate on Saturday was the second highest in the division, (after Weymouth), and a good bit higher than the gate at Grays.


There is little or no point in overstating the crowd - a couple of clubs did this a few years ago in the Congerence, and both of them ended up having to explain themselves to the Inland Revenue, who thought they had under-declared the VAT.

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surely overstating the crowd would therefore overstate the vat?


more people = more ticket sales = more vat payable?


i don't count every person there, and can only judge the crowd by how packed the eastside gets.


2nd half, the only space left for me was at the front, so that is 650 plus.


when it's everyone on the steps, it's 400


when you're the only one there, it's 1.


there you go - fool-proof. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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so eastside, what you're actually saying is that total attendance can be estimated by the following formula...


TA = (N (d) / Ra) + (Bqww + Eb)


A (d) + Aa


dividing the noise in decibels (N d) by the Riverside apparent attendance (Ra) and this to the Burger queue at the time of a wee wee (Bqww) and add this to the Eastside business (Eb)


this should then be divided by the sum of the away fans noise (Ad) added to the apparent attendance of the away fans. (Aa)




beats the crap out of my Eastside only theory, but surely if you factor in all of the variables, then you cannot ignore how long it takes to get a drink in the bar?


very good though. like it.

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I don't think you can calculate it on how busy the bar is. Last time I went to HX for the Dorchester match the bar was packed but there was only 550 there.

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ok, but now you've complicated it further.

If Yellow is in attendance, total attendance is greater than 500...

Not necessarily so!! A couple of times I went towards the end of last season on midweek nights when Canvey were not playing and there was only about 300/400 there.
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I am unpredictable, not sure about unreliable!!!

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that's it keems, lower the tone.


eastside, yellow and myself are trying to discuss a mathematical formula to estimate total attendance at the bridge, which we could then sell to the newspapers who seem to lap this sort of thing up, and what do you do?!..


you question whether the porn channel is down or not...


(btw - yes, it is.)

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