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Play Off's


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Town and Arlow are now in the play offs, BUT what is the news of Maldon Town.


Can anyone confirm the rumours etc about their position and if they can or cannot be in the play offs.

If NOT.........What happens ?






Someone MUST know the rules !!

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I think we should all ask the FA to reconsider any decision they make, take it to the high courts, ask Tony Blair for his thoughts on the matter and sell our story to the newspapers!


I heard that there will be no bye to the final as the 6th place team will join the play offs.


Mind you, I did ask the Ryman League for clarification and have received no answer to date.

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Originally Posted By: OldTowner

Perhaps the League ain't got a clue what's going on either !!

Gosh, good lord, surely not, absolutely unbelievable, astonishing! confused

The badge and blazer boys have well and truly made non-league football a farce, a total laughing stock, in recent years. There are the ludicrous ground requirements for non-league clubs which have to waste money on stands and terracing they will never come anywhere near filling - money that could be spent on youth and women's teams, coaching, and decent facilities that ARE needed. There were the delays and uncertainties over the new pyramid set-up, changes of mind, illogicalities and so on - which continue. The harsh treatment of Northwich Victoria, the farce with Altrincham last season, the amazing let-off for AFCW this season.

I don't like to see any club founder on bureacracy but if Maldon had not applied by the due date, that should be an open and shut case. I would also expect the Competition Rules for the Ryman League to cater for this eventuality. The pompoius little mandarins are so fond of their rules and regulations they have a duty to establish clear and comprehensive ones in the first place, and the event that one or more of the clubs in play-off positions do not apply for promotion is reasonably forseeable.
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But rules are there to be broken, bent or inforced depending on how loud you shout now!

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Sudbury web site notes that league positions 2 - 5 in play-off unless one team cannot qualify.

If this is the case the top side that can qualify will have a bye to the final.


So, if true, finish second and if Maldon are in top 5 and cannot qualify, Town are in the final on the 5th.


Simple really.

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Have just checked the Cancey forum and it looks like it will be a bye for the second placed team if Maldon do finish in the play offs. If that is not an incentive for the lads to stick as many goals as they can past Witham, Ilford and Flackwell to overtake Harlow on GD then IU don't know what is!

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Yes,even IF Harlow managed to win their last 3 games (including away to Sudbury),we could still overtake them on goal difference,if we continue our current goalscoring run.Four goals is not much to haul back, especially as our games (on paper) look far easier than Harlows.Lets not forget if we can finish second and get a bye,then that will leave us with one home game in which to win,in order to achieve promotion.


Also,lets not forget to congratulate the management team and the players for securing a play-off place this season.Jim stuck his neck on the line at the start of the season and stated that he would resign if we didn't make the play-offs.He and the players have comfortbaly achieved this.When all is said and done,and dispite some questionable tacticial and selection choices, there is no doubt that Jim has the golden touch.His wins to loses record over the last 6 years must be second to none.

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