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Halle signs for the Urchins


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Richard Halle – midfield – Redbridge 2004/05, then Chelmsford 2005/06 then joined Aveley 06/07 before moving to Canvey Island in March 07.


Scored for Canvey with a free kick against HFC in April.

Played for Aveley against HFC in December


Has also played for other clubs in this area but I cannot remember who they are.

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Gutted to see him leave. That free kick he scored against you guys will live long in the memory especially as I was in the Hx end at the time.


To be honest he is better than Ryman One North so good luck to him. He is a nice lad as well, built like a brick outhouse as well!!


Can we swap him for Mark Janney, please?

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Does anyone know what number shirt he wore when playing at Hx this year for Canvey. I'll see if I can find a picture of him..


OK forget the above, I've found some photos of him at http://www.photoshelter.com/search?I_DSC=halle+canvey&_ACT=search&I_DSC_AND=t


and if I remember rightly, the canvey photographer said that he knocks in freekicks like that all the time...


BTW WELCOME to the Stadium.


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Here's one.


Dicky played number 6 I think.

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One with his shirt off, ladies. grin

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