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Originally Posted By: CHE GUSTAVO
everyone works (sorry JR) where's everyone being taken on their X-Mas p!$$ up?

I'm @ the Living Room, Essex Road in Islington. drinkies

No problems, Gusty.

At my age, wandering up to, and staggering back from my local club is all I need.

TEFFS: If it's the Thai I think it is in Dorking, you'll get a good nosh. (NO KROONS _ Not that sort of nosh ! chloe
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Originally Posted By: Bitch
Local hotel, and this year's theme is Grease (the musical). So on with my bobby sox cheerleader

We are dressing up as Grease characters at our friends for New Years Eve, have got the T Bird jacket and getting the quiff ready! wink
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