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Did anybody see Liam and the lads on BBC Newsroom South East tonight? They looked resplendent in their Nike training kit which I had not seen before.


On another note, don't foprget to send me PMs tomorrow and we will try and give you a mention as Matt "Nat King" Cole and I do the commentary from the Rec. Don't forget to include your names in the message.


I swear if it goes to pens and we win I will need to be carted away by men in white coats especially after Wednesday.


I can excuse Jenas , but flipping Chimbonda not even getting his on target!!!!!!


Pip pip! Lord Chas

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Absolutely brilliant commentary. Those people listening to the Aldershot version have no idea what they missed. You weren't the only one with tears in your eyes Lord C.


And after a few teething problems, my "unofficial relay" worked all through the 2nd half so your "dulcet tones" were heard from US to New Zealand :-)


Just a shame we had to keep diverting for traffic news and other games, although at least we missed Aldershot's goal. I'll have to try and record the Wembley commentary, I won't be listening because I'll be there brille008

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Originally Posted By: fleetzone
I would just like to thank you for the calm and controlled way you handled the commentary of the match. Especially the last few minutes...

Agreed, a lesser man could have messed up there but I think you managed to hold it together beautifully Lord Chas.
Well done lad.

There might have been a slight 'moment' when Bossie scored but I don't think anyone noticed.
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