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What is going on?

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Another game full of action today and another solid Fleet performance lacking only in goals, and the only postings up to now refer to the poor treatment of Chris McPhee.


The boys played really well again today, although we were fortunate at 1-0 when they had 3 on 1 against Lance and the guy simply side footed straight at Lance.


Lance also made a great reaction save in the second half and there were a couple of other close shaves late on, but by then we should have had 4 or 5 goals.


Overall an entertaining game and the right result in the end even if it was closer than it should have been.


Thats now 6 games in all competitions (3 league, Setanta Shield, KSC and FA Cup) since we last conceded a goal at home (against Torquay on 18 October).


Lets make it 7 on Tuesday against Forest Green.

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We should have been clear of sight of today midway through the 2nd half but missed 4 or 5 gilt edge chances

We looked good going forward - George and Luke worked well together. Both were sharp.

Our goal was created by one of the worst defensive howlers we been presented with for a long time

Defence was bit shaky at times (not helped by Darius Charles going off - could well be missing Tuesday night)

Also great as it was to see Danny Slatter back - he was caught out a few times defensively and looked unsure


P S Hempstead Gaz - my old mate - just because my opinion differs from your weird take on all matters Fleet does not make me a troll - a hobbit maybe but not a troll?

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How did the midfield of Long , Hand and Barrett play, BB?

It sounded like another "on the deck" performance with less route 1 stuff than of late.

It is heartnening that at home, defensively, we are now looking really solid, which augers well for the second half of the season

We must get Stacey to label his boots "left" and "right" for the next game.

As for my "weird" view - most regulars on here seem to agree with me and not you.

Funny old game isn't it?

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Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz
As for my "weird" view - most regulars on here seem to agree with me and not you.
Funny old game isn't it?

Absolutely Gaz. I was going to mention that Jamie Hand (as trumpeted by you over and over and over), and Danny Slatter (who I have called to be selected a few times over the last month or so) were the stand out performances today. Hand shaded it for me.

Some of the football today was outstanding. Let's hope that Darius is fit enough to play Tuesday and that George plays as well as he did in the first half today. It would be nice to see the same XI against Forest Green

The only sub par performance today in my opinion was Luke's. There was a quip behind me that it seems that George and Luke cannot play well at the same time. A minor quibble about a great all round performance.

This may not chime with all of the opinions above - but as you say - it is a funny old game
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Midfield was impressive - Barrett was unlucky to be taken off for Stone - Stacy looked more on form

Hand was one of the best players on the pitch

Defensively we may not have let a goal in at home since 18th October but for me we rode our luck today and could have easily conceded

Pooley did well (not sure why James Smith did not feature - squad rotation?)


Hempstead Gaz - I must have missed the post on here titled "Will all regulars press this button if you agree with everything Hempstead Gaz says" - let me know where it is and I can agree with you too


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Would be good to see Lance get more recognition for his recent performances. He's made some superb saves in the last few matches, some point-blank.

His one-on-one save today was brilliant. Made himself big in front of the player, left a gap to the left as a tempting target, then went that way and got the ball. Top class stuff.

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Agreed, David. I have for a while said that Lance is right up there with Lee Smelt as our best keeper ever.

unfortunately for us, class young English keepers are in short supply in the football league, and Lance is patently good enough for Championship league.

Can we afford to keep him if a realistic offer is made for him during the transfer window.

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Jamie Hand shaded the Man of the Match for me.


As said above, we should and could of won by more today but overall a solid performance from the lad's.


Am I right in thinking with a win against Forest Green on Tuesday will have us on the same points as this time last season? I think Alan W is the man to answer this question?

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My take on the game is Weymouth were not that good but competent.


Slatter at right back gave us better distribution but may find it harder against a better quality team, maybe play him there when we know teams are going to defend rather than attack.


Pooley now given the chance (why did he have to wait so long?) looked like he did in pre season assured, quick and alert and better equipped to pass the ball.


Charles was having an excellent game got injured and even though it was clear to the supporters he could no longer move properly no sub was prepared until he went down again and stayed down. His lack of mobility for those minutes left us exposed.


Hand by not playing just in front of the back four was more useful and was still able to find space to make his more creative passes.


Gash was given a better service and looked increasingly dangerous for it.


Lance as usual kept us in the lead on one occasion and threw the ball out more often to vary our build ups.


Everybody else had good games and you could see the confidence starting to flow a little.


Also from the supporters point of view it was far more interesting to watch and many seemed to be looking forward to the Forrest Green game on Tuesday instead of fearing the worst.




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Slatter at right back was intresting. I though he may struggle with his lack of height , but was mopping up balls all afternoon.


Hand has good visions , a good first touch and the ability to know where players around him are. Stone on for Barratt was a good move as my believe is that they cant both start and are so alike. George is a revolution at the moment. Has he loas a bit of weight as well. Roaming across the pitch.


But Lance is just awesome. we have so much confidence in him on those one on one situations and given the chance to progress will be a worthy keeper at League One.


We have been through a sticky patch , but looking at the forthcoming league games , Forest Green Grays (twice) and Oxford are winnable. Things could be looking very rosy in the new year



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