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Volunteers required tomorrow at 11am


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No rain forecast before the game and during.

Minimum -1c tonight but decent cloud cover so hopefully won't be too frosty.Up to 4c by 9am tomorrow and sunny all day,creeping up to 6c around lunch time so although a bit chilly a pleasant enough day.And what with the sun now setting about 5pm there shouldn't be any danger of frost late afternoon

As for tuesdays game,a little rain sunday and heavier rain monday night but up to 10c tuesday day and no chance of frost after saturday night.

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Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist
jen,will we need to bring Garden pitch forks with us in the morning????

Not unless it rains again, we could not roll it or mark it to day, there was standing water, we drained it....

So I will need as many as possible to flatten it, just walk the pitch smile
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