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grays soap opera part 27


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well according to mr.woodward he's finished with the club now after being embarrassed by the manner of his teams defeat last nite at histon and the vile 41 fans that went up their to support them or abuse mick wotever way u look at it,looks like mick was talked out of a confrontation with the small group of fans by a friend,seems like only yesterday that a number of our players defected their for glorycool

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apparantly they were abusing their goalkeeper.Not the way to get behind the team when you are struggling to stay in the division.

Apparantly one of the fans shouted to the keeper "you should get back on that stretcher" and the goalie responded,rightly so.

Don't like grays fans,woodward could do better than them!!!

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well he was even on about locking the gates and takin them back to the esl,so we wont have the chance to play them anyway,still fond memories of tonking them in the esc semi final 3 nilcool

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staggering really when u realise how far he has taken the club,the level they are playin at and the success they have had,fans are so fickle and it only takes a minority to see him on his way,well i hope they are satisfied with themselves lets see how they continue without himcool

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