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essex senior cup final fiasco


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our season will probably be over by next saturday and then surely we could play our cup final in the week or 2 after that but oh no the powers that be are on about using it as a pre season friendly in july,imo totally undermindin the competition and players just coming back from there summer recess and a bit rusty ,good chance people who bought a ticket could well be on holiday,this is farcical

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And what about the players who got us to the final, they may have moved to pastures new by July. I hope they don't but there's always that possibility.

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Fckng joke,we missed out on league games back in the winter when we played essex senior games instead.It would be typical of a football governing body to do this,if you are listening or reading this,how about putting the fans first for a change and actually giving them something they want,not what you want.If you have to play the game somewhere else other than dagenham then fine but postponing it till next season will only benefit Colchester.If not,then do us all a favour and cancel the competition for good as it will just end up being a joke.No wonder many clubs don't take it seriously until the final

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Total joke!! Playing it during a pre season will be a total farce and means once again the fans are out of pocket.


Won't be bothering with this competition next season.

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Bollox will they.

I will be sitting at home next monday doing fck all as will the col utd fans.

fck the fans,we don't matter,just palm one of the biggest games of our lives off as a pre season friendly.

I tell you,next season,when you re arrange league games to cater for an essex senior tie,don't be surprised when there is no one there to watch the match

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