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It would be nice if these things were announced on the forum, or at least put on the club website when they happened!!


I agree it would be nice and now perhaps things are settling down we may start doing it again, but a decision was reached not to publicise any new signings as every time we announced one the player would suddenly get phone calls from anonymous persons telling them they wouldn't get paid or they could get more somewhere else hence the spate of players that were signed only to be never seen in a Windsor shirt.

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Okay, thanks for that. Explanation appreciated.


In the circumstances the management have obviously had a lot to more to contend with than we might have realised.


Well done Mr Mudge on getting a squad together!!


Really looking forward to showing my support on Tuesday.

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Another new arrival in Shane Hill, another to have played at a higher level.


You have to wonder, if we can afford the likes of Hill, Manuella, Wadieh, Clayton, Bernard etc. etc., whilst still paying off money to ex-players, what the hell happened to all the money last season? Especially when you consider last season we were getting paid £15k-£20k by Bedfont.


There must have been some daft wages and / or bonuses arranged. Where is Keith Scott these days anyway? Has he got a job yet? Surely with his record one would expect him to find a club pretty quickly.

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Keith could im sure walk into a lot of jobs but finding one with a big enough budget is probably more difficult. To me any manager who walks because of a reduced budget shows their ambition but also in my mind shows their weaknesses. I would much prefer having someone like DM in charge. Better manager in my opinion and someone who actually likes the club.

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According to Wikipedia he left by mutual consent but who knows! The fact is he's not at the club any more and we must move on. To say that Dave Mudge is a better manager though is a bit over the top he has a lot to prove before he reaches that level. Fare play to him though for getting some sort of squad together in time for the start of the season and a squad that looks as if its making big strides in the right direction! A long way to go yet but looking promising!

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