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Eversley FC Floodlight Application - Support Needed


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Eversley FC have recently submitted planning application to Hart DC for the installation of floodlights at our ground.We now need to gather a great deal of support in order to combat some the local objections we have from a minority of nearby neightbours who are clearly against this project.


The club is therefore hoping that members of the forum will show their support to our project by providing comments to Hart DC


There are 2 ways to show your support :


1.Visit www.hart.gov.uk Click on the planning tab at the top and then on planning online button. In the search criteria enter postcode RG27 0NS or put in sports.Choose the erection of floodlights link from the list.Click on the comments tab and then the made a comment tab.You will need to register your basic details (name email phone number) before you can make a public comment to offer your support to the project. Once registered you will be able to log into the application portal and make any positive supporting comments


2.Write to the Chief planning officer, Hart DC, Civic offices,Harlington way, Fleet, Hants GU51 4AE.Your letter will need to include our planning application reference number which is 12/00306/FUL . See example below


Dear Sirs


RE: Floodlights for Eversley Sports Association (REF : 12/002306/FUL)


I wish to record my support for the planning application submitted by the Eversley Sports Association for the installation of floodlights on the football pitch no.1


Your Faithfully.............


It could just take just 10 minutes out of your day to offer some much needed support to this project it would be really appreciated as it will enable Eversley FC to then meet the necessary ground grading criteria for step 5.


Hart DC will need to be in receipt of any comments by whatever means in the next 14 days and then the chance to support the application will close


Kind Regards

Paul Latham


Eversley Football Club


PS could this be pinned for 2 weeks

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Done and I urge others to support it. We need these facilities and hopefully the more councils that support it the better chance we all have of getting them. Good Luck Eversley.

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Very true - when i was at Corinthian Casuals, we had all manner of trouble getting planning permission for our lights.


When you consider that one side was a park, another an office block (so hardly likely to be affected), and before you got to the houses, there was an embankment and a railway line it really beggared belief.

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Thanks guys for all your support with our project. It all makes a difference. Hopefully we will be able to update some good news on here soon.


What is the timescale and costs if accepted?

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Done and good luck with everything.


Looking at the comments though, the positive comments far outweigh the negative ones so surely you shouldnt have any problems.

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Sounds like typical local parish council bullish*t!! You'd hope that Hart DC see more sense but I wouldn't hold any breath as surely without the full support of the parish the application will fail?


What would this mean for the club?? Presumably without lights they would have to drop out the CCL?! Massive shame for all the people there who have built up a terrific little club.

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