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Prem/Div 1 Team of the year 2011/2012

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As the season comes to end which 11 players have impressed you and have made it into your team of the year???


Div 1


Gk. Shelley (Eversley)


Rb. Dodd (Guernsey)

Cb. Bamford (Bedfont)

Cb. Whatford (Lammas)

Lb. Cochrane (Guernsey)


Rm. the lil fella called Jake (Hartley)

Cm. Zico Black (Guernsey)

Cm. Brunt (Chertsey/Lammas)

Lm. Vidal (Bedfont)


St. James (Lammas)

ST. Allen (Guernsey)


Subs. Baker (Eversley)

Knowleden (WP)

Dias (Warlingham)

Williams (HW)

Panter (Westfield)


Better Daniel!!

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Personally I would put more emphasis on league games. If Liverpool win the FA cup,it's unlikely any of their players would be named in the team of the year.


Tough to pick the top players though. Obvious stand outs are Allen,Zico-Black etc. Others that have impressed me are the Hartley centre halfs,Spelthorne lightening quick forward,Bedfont centre halfs,Dyer and Tardiff for Guernsey. Plently of decent players in the league this year.

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oh no i totally agree but these players have been the ones who have stood out, like you said some very good players this year and i could pick another 11 easy but like i said who has impressed you the most to get into your team of the year. just to clarify why i picked the 3 lammas boys, James scored 25-30 goals, Brunty was superb until his move too Chertsey and i belive we werent the same since he left and Whatford for me is one of the best Cb in the division. All about opinions!!!

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a fair vote would be not to include any of your own players


so based on what i've season this season


1) Allen HW

2) Dodd Guernsey

3) Bamford S Bedfont

4) Patterson HW

5) Klebo Eversley


7)Altiase Spelthorne

6)Williams Hartley

8) Black Guernsey

11) Vidal Bedfont


9) Allen Guernsey

10) Dhillon HW


12) Higgins Warlingham

13Pelton Bedfont GK

14) Coventry HW

15) Rideout Lammas

16) Baker Eversley

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1 pelton bedfont sports

2 webb camberley

3 hw small bald fella sorry dont know his name

4 bamford bedfont sports

5 dodd guernsey

6 zico guernsey

7 vidal bedfont sports

8 mackay guernsey

9 loaring guernsey

10 baker eversley

11 nduka azabga bedfont sports


12 tardif guernsey

14 kanani bedfont sports

15 allen guernsey

16 joseph warlingham

17 knowleden worcester park


i havent seen enough of the prem this season but ive watched cambo a couple of times an webb stood out for me yes hes a mate but leads by example an gives 100% every game

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1. Pelton BS

2. Redrup SL

3. Little fella at Hartney Wintney

4. Jim Ward Knaphill

5. Stuart Bamford

6. Craig Knowles Knaphill

7. Zico Black Guernsey

8. Billy Jones Knaphill

9. Ross Allen

10. Gary James

11. Shane Rideout Staines Lammas


12. Luke Craig Knaphill

14. Gavin Bamford Bs

15. Matt Baker Eversley

16. Dan Pritchard GK Knaphill

17. Jack Watts BS.



Phil Ellery Knaphill.




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1. Tardiff (GY)

2. Redrup (SL)

3.Winch (GY)

4. Ward (KH)

5. Bamford ( BF)

6. Stamp (eversley)

7. Rideout (SL)

8. Williams ( HW)

9. Heume ( GY)

10. James (SL)

11. Baker (Eversley)


12. Knowles (KH)

13. Pelton (BS)

14. Atiase ( Spelly)

15. Allen (GY)

16. O'Connor (SL)

17. Cheeseman (WF)

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Gk Shelley eversley

Rb J.Martin wars 16yr old

Cb d pledge wars

Cb blocko Hartley

Lb.bedfont young lad

Rm dyer guernsey

Cm black guernsey

Cm bamford bedfont

Lm rihoy guernsey

Cf Dillon Hartley

Cf Allen guernsey


Baker eversley

Joseph wars

Dias wars

Willo Hartley

Neaves wars


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Based on what I've played with/against....


Gk - Wastell (SP)

Rb - O'Sullivan (SP)

Cb - Fagan (Windsor)

Cb - Can't think of another one that stood out

Rm - Moody (Guildford)

Lm - Goncalves (I think) Croydon

Cm - M.Smith (South Park)

Cm - Oudjidane (Guildford)

Cf - Cottee (Epsom)

Cf - Elgar (Mole Valley)


Gacheru (Guildford)

Bunyan (Farnham)

Lavery (SP)


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Messi would of been best on the bench last night,gifted Chelsea the winner.Going to call it a 'Goncalves Moment'


Yes - Thankfully, he made a Messi of it !

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How some of you can have the leagues top goalscorer ( by miles ! ) on the bench I don't know ! its a bit like having a La Liga team of the year with Messi on the bench ! :rolleyes:


Why's that though? As Redders has said it's who has impressed you most this season, not who has scored the most goals. In our games against Guernsey, yes Allen scored, but far more impressive for me was Heaume, who for me was the player who linked your playmakers in MF to the forward line.

Allen is the grateful recipient of this and the one who ultimately sticks it in the onion bag (not that he doesn't have to do anything to do that), but that doesn't mean he impressed the most.

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Ryan-Zico Black is the best player in Division 1 this season.

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