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Weymouth v Slough

Windsor Rebel

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Possibly not the worst time to play Weymouth, they have picked up 10 points from their last 8 games compared to the 11 we have picked up in the last 8 so form wise is fairly evenly matched.


We also come in on better goal scoring form but worse defensive form so could go either way.

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Hi Jon/Neil, any news on the injury situation for tomorrow;s game please ?


Squad update is on the main website now.





Mark Scott, Sean Fraser, Jhai Dhillon, Guy Hollis, Justin Clayton, Dan Hicks, Gurkan Gokmen, Lewis Putman, Kensley Maloney, Nathan Webb, Ryan Hope, Adrian Sear, Eddie Smith, Charlie Mpi, Charlie Strutton

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Having spoken to Kev tonight, we are hopeful all 3 will be fine, also on a side note, we expect to have Jake Parsons and Craig Scott both back training in January, I would say it might take both quite a while to get fit, however it is another step in the right direction.

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We always knew it would be a hard game. Real blow losing Nathan Webb so early.


Oh well, on to the next one ! :)

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1 shot 1 goal - that was the only positive!


Slough were awful, disjointed, lacking any plan, bunch of individuals, no creativity, changed formation half way through the game which made no difference, out played, out run, out performed, a keeper who kept on falling over, a stupid foul for a red, kicking the ball up in the air when there was a gale blowing across the pitch, out headed, needing to take too many touches, scared to shoot, gave up after the 3rd went in - Slough were embarrassing!


Credit to Weymouth they had a plan, they have pace, they kept their shape, the maintained discipline, they kept going.

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Neil or Jon can correct me but I think we lined up 4-4-2 with Hollis right back Fraser right wing and Gokmen left back but changed almost immediately to 5-4-1 with Fraser dropping into right back and Mpi into right wing. Either way we played a very negative 5-4-1 up until 2-0 down against an attacking Weymouth line up. We simply invited them to put pressure onto us and they could only oblige and punished us for it. The third goal came as we were switching back to a 4-4-2 and they simply caught us out as players got into position.

We came out second half hoping not to be on the end of an embarrassing result and immediately consceeded. In the end we managed to keep it down to 6 and scored a consolation goal with our only shot on target.

For those who weren't there, Weymouth were very similar to a Chesham team from 4-5 years ago. Kept possession well and always had their wingers and wing backs out on the touch lines ready to switch the play.

We were totally outclassed today along with getting the tactics all wrong in the opening half hour and would have had no complaints had we lost by double figures. Sounds harsh but it is true!

Didn't see what Maloney was sent off for but it was disappointing as he was probably our best player on the day until then.

I know this post will sound like a bit of a rant but we were poor today and Weymouth were excellent and to be honest even if we had played our best we would almost certainly still have lost. All the credit from the game and score line has to go to Weymouth.

One positive I take from the game is the players still came over to clap the fans at the end of the game without needing to be asked, despite the fact us fans had been quiet almost all game. Respect to the players for that.


edit - Mark Scott needs to invest in some longer studs !!!!!!!!

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Vastly inferior all over the pitch, lacking in any semblance of organisation or gumption. I know we've got lots of injuries, but our backup have got to do better than they did today.


Thankfully it was only a practice match (well it was for Weymouth anyway)

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Some points to add:-


on what looked like an excellent surface they coped with the conditions (very windy), we didn't.


once Webb went off we had virtually no midfield


loss of possession in defensive positions cost us for at least 3 of the goals


their shooting was incisive, it felt like 6 on target, 6 goals


our squad's too thin, far too many players missing today to have an impact.


Further to this why are they looking for a new ground? The existing one is very impressive for this level............

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Listened to the game so can't comment! All I will say is the 'squad' is not good enough. I just cannot see why another midfielder was not brought in to cater for rummy missing, he is going away again soon anyway! I love rummy but he isn't the same player this time around and yet we haven't got a long term replacement in for him!


Back ups required, if they aren't on a contract then we don't pay them if not playing I assume? So can't blame budget restraints can we? Or maybe I'm missing something and we have more than just Ed on contract, (which was news to me recently, not sure why that was kept quiet)


Bad day at office for sure!

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