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Enfield Town v Lewes

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McDonald, Kiangebeni, Chappell, Thomas,  McLeod-Urquhart, Gyebi, Della-Verde, Youngs, Bricknell, Okojie, Blackman


Pepera, Weatherstone, Mubiayi, Small, Muleba

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It was great to be back yesterday, albeit in what felt like slightly surreal circumstances.

The club have worked hard to do everything they can possibly do to provide us with football in a safe setting and should be congratulated. Thanks very much to all the volunteers. Yesterday saw a capacity set of 250 and everything went well so I would hope this can be safely increased - several clubs in our league had higher attendances yesterday, some more than twice as much. I'm sure we could do with the income.

Most importantly we got the performance we wanted on the pitch too with a great 4-1 win. Scott Thomas was awarded the Man of the Match but there were several really good performances. For me, Shaun Okojie, Sam Youngs, Lyle Della-Verde, Ryan Blackman and Jeremiah Gyebi all excelled.

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Have to agree with you totally AT regarding the hard work put in by everyone at the club involved in making yesterdays game possible. I am sure all members would like to add, with me, to your thanks and our appreciation to all concerned.

So glad that all their efforts were rewarded by the result on the pitch. 

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That’s an excellent start to the season! How lucky we are to have so many people willing to volunteer and help out. A veritable army of stewards 👏.

I think the club have done exactly the right thing by setting the attendance at 250 for this first “proper” home fixture, given the 2 pre-season friendlies had to be cancelled. With the various working arrangements now trialled, people can be confident they will be safe when the capacity is increased. I don’t see it as lost revenue at all. On the contrary, it’s a sensible investment. The club would lose far more money if it had to postpone a fixture; fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. With so little live sport around, there should be every chance of getting higher home attendances through the rest of the year. Watching football live is so much better than seeing it on TV, whatever the level.

I like the look of this season’s squad - new signings in the positions we needed to strengthen. Can’t wait to get to see them play (all being well, at Bishop’s Stortford away).


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Really great day on Saturday - the organisation and planning was exceptional - thanks to all the volunteers who made it such a success!

As for the game itself, really enjoyable. With a new look defence pretty much, we played very well.

Considering the pre season results .. and then no matches in the  2 weeks leading up to this, it was a fantastic result.

All the new players look like good aquistions - Percy was bombing down the wing - great to have him back!  Gyebi is a powerful centre back, and complements Lee Chappell's long throws which add another dimension to our attacking! And Jared Small came off the bench and put in a great run that was unlucky not to result in a goal!

There were a lot of other positives for me ..

- it feels like we have a more flexible squad than before - when Chappell went off injured, Josh moved across to left back, and Percy moved into midfield later on when Ryan came off.

- we did not sit bac, instead we  kept pushing for more goals - we were still chasing and harassing them at the end.

- it felt like there was a real team togetherness - the nucleus of last year remains, and seem to get on well

- all our goals were well taken and there was some good link up play - Ryan powering through for the 3rd was my personal favourite!

- the support was positive and vocal!

I don't think Lewes are in a good place - they had a lot of youngsters apparently - but you can only play what is in front of you - we will face harder teams for sure but this was a great start!

Feeling confident for the season .. !! Looking forward to the FACup tomorrow night!




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T B Q H  Lewes will probably be this seasons whipping boys . If memory serves me correctly they were in freefall prior to the expungement of last season .🥴 

looks like that's going to continue this  time around .

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