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Fantastic second half blew the hosts away Tricky first half but some how came in at the interval one up.Second half Ola gave us a different dimension and ran riot should have been 3 nil before it was 2 nil such was our superiority of our performance.Just like to add good support in numbers following the team and secondly the Lodge is some ground must be National standard so to win there makes it all the sweeter up the Urchins 

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Agree with Urchinman’s appraisal of the game . First half we rode our luck a bit, they knocked it across the goal mouth several times, pen came just at the right time for us. Second half we blew them away , one of the best halves I’ve seen this season with Ola causing havoc. Two great goals, weren’t exactly tap ins ! Only sour note of the night was watching Nathan limp off in the first half, hope that’s nothing too serious but it didn’t look good. Just a great team effort , really good passing in there as well. Very happy Urchin tonight COYU

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Fantastic performance 

First half was dominated by the hosts but we had a few chances and kept in the game before the penalty.

Keeper was in my opinion lucy to not be sent off as he made no attempt to play the ball but fouled toby instead.

Ola coming on at half time really changed the game with his pace and the extra width and the whole team led by Munns and spence piled on the pressure to create chances which both Parcell and spence took advantage of with their goals 

Fantastic performance all round and we keep the momentum to stay up the top .

Up the Urchins

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Great squad performance.

Just  goes to show what a strong bench can do to change a game. Very good defensively first half ( Micky was superb ) after slotting into CB after Nathan’s unfortunate injury early on . Then a master class of attacking football in the 2nd half.


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6 hours ago, LukeXIX said:

Great tactical decision to put Mickey centre back instead of Remi who has played there of late. Left Remi to remain LB to take on their pacy winger who he had the better of before Nathan’s injury and Mickey played superbly 

That decision was key to us winning, they would have eventually scored down their right with the crosses coming in

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