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Bowers v ETFC

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Mcdonald, Braithwaite,  Payne,  Thomas, Knight, Richmond, Isaac, Youngs, Cunnington, Willie, Coker

Subs Taaffe, Della Verde, Cass, Okotcha, Jordan

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Excellent result - I wasn't there again, but my source at the ground said that it definitely wasn't a classic, but we did more than enough to get the 3 points. Would love to hear any views/reports from those that could get along.

I'm not sure I'd call the Kingstonian game a shambles, we didn't play well (barring the last 30 or so), but with a couple of slightly more favourable bounces of the ball, we could easily have got something out of it.

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It was interesting reading the Official report on Saturday game and the number of times Andre Coker's name was mentioned.

Once I heard he was back in the starting line-up I was enthusiastic for a good result. I am sure that DJW and my old friend Andy felt much the same.  

Unless he has had an injury, that no one knew about, it has been a puzzle to me why he hasn't played more. Since his ratio of goals to playing games must be amongst the highest in the  squad. That is if you don't include the number of times he has been brought on for the last few minutes of a game as a substitute.

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