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Folkestone 1 Hx 2

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Not quite sure what to make of this game. Not the expected starting line up, Jordan Clark looked quite useful up front but got injured relatively quickly. Ended up being quite an offensive side with the substitutes which means that it wasn’t a boring game! Great spirit from Hornchurch even with the sending off but really both sides could have scored more. Sam was really good, Ellis also did really well. Think we just about deserved that, keeps us in the hunt even though the teams around us won as well. Well done Hornchurch

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Same lineup and formation as Tuesday against Billericay, except Joe Christou in for Lewwis Spence.
Jordan was phenomenal up front on Tuesday and I was hoping for the same again today so very disappointed to  see him go off injured after 12 minutes.
With the remaining subs all being forwards the last thing we needed was to lose another midfielder but still ten minutes left in the first half when Chris Dickson replaced Joe Christou.
Really hope that both players are soon back in action.

A brave half time substitution to use the final substitution with Sam Higgins replacing Charlie Stimson but it paid off with a goal from a very tight angle.

Folkestone again were very strong and lively, the front three were a lively handful all game long and dangerous whenever they moved forward and it took good discipline from the defence to keep them under control.

Rickie Hayles must intensely dislike this ground because I make that 4 games in a row when he has had to leave the game earlier than expected.

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