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Concord Game OFF

Up the chins

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Well their pitch is awful, it hasn’t even rained that much since they last played, they aren’t doing their own players any favours because they’re going to have to play lots of games in a short space of time. Luckily we’ve played a fair few games already so we should be ok. Funnily enough, I was looking at when it could be played and it’s very possible that it will be the Tuesday after we play them at home which will be weird and that’s even if it goes ahead then! Just under two weeks to prepare for Chatham so hopefully we will be up for that one. 


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The only benefit to this is that it gives us a chance to get some players back to fitness before the next game. You do have to wonder about the future of Concord if they keep not fulfilling their home games - unless they just don't want to play us!


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The most postponed match at one venue was last season at Enfield Town - it was played at the sixth attempt -

Original date – 13-Dec-2022 – brought forward to 12-December (clashed with World Cup match).

12-December-2022 – rescheduled for 17th December as both teams had a vacant Saturday.

17-December-2022 – PP due to frost / snow.

31-December-2022 – PP as ESC match took priority.

28-Feb-2023 – also PP as ESC match took priority.

Played on 28-March-2023.



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