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fckn outrageous...

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mark janney wins the golden boot for being the top scorer in this years FA Cup...and is totally ignored..presumably because he's not earning 200 grand a week like those tossers that cheated 90,000 people at wembley today.....I have emailed all of the newspapers...the FA...sepp blatter.. the premier league...gordon brown...maggie thatcher...ken livingston...cherie blair...george gallaway...ken dodd...the chairman of afc wimbledon...the club secretary of the shepherd and dog fc and mrs edith golightly..the tea lady from barnsley ladies topless wanderers and no fcker has answered me... mad


outrageous snobbism.... and as well as that blatant snub to a good honest non league player... yanited got what they deserved today...I started off wanting them to win but after 15 minutes couldn't really give a toss...I have never seen fergie afraid to win or lose a game until the second leg against milan and again today...he should resign immediately along wih mourinhio and his illegal alien dog for the good of the game....both teams were a fckn disgrace and should be fined 10 million quid each and relegated along with west ham and afc wingeington.....

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okay lets be objective...a non league player has scored more goals in the fa cup this season than all of the highly paid internationals ranged against him...never been done before in the history of the game...


can any of us imagine what a golden boot on the mantle piece bearing our name and the fa crest with top scorer fa cup 06/07 would mean to us and our families...


it really is a fckn disgrace and I am going to make a serious nuisance of myself over it until someone listens...

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Originally Posted By: urchin_mentalist
he scored 8 goals,rooney and lampard scored 6,thats all i know but they must of been in the same amount of rounds or janners was less

that doesn't count UM....he won the boot end of and they will not present it to anyone else..they will just try and ignore it
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Mark scored eight goals in five FA Cup matches - two at Biggleswade, two at Redbridge, two at Boreham Wood, and one each time in the two matches against Welling. - Total eight in five matches.


The two players mentioned played six matches each.


Hopefully our local press, the RR, will have something positive to say.





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Yeh mark janney should get it he is a Non-League player and still beats over-paid pieces of [****!!****] like lampard and rooney. Wht do they do for england? nothing they get paid over 100 000 a week and i think the fa should stop ignoring the non-league clubs. i reckon hornchurch would give chelsea or man u a good game laugh

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