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Mixed emotions.


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Well, what a game and what a mix of emotions football gives us.


0 - 2 down in 6 minutes.

Extremely poor defending with Town still in the dressing room !!


1 - 2 after 7 minutes.

Back in it - come on Town.


Chances for both teams to score agian.


Great free kick for 2 - 2 on 44 minutes.

Fantastic effort and here we go - half time and we are starting to have a go.Now we can win it.


54 mnutes and there it is 3 - 2 and a win in the bag.


Town stop playing, drop off and start defending instead of going for the 4th goal.


Sudbury on top.


Fantastic save by Imber keeps Town in front.


Oh no, 3 points gone as AFC score - it's been coming.


Christ - we are going down 3 - 4 if we are not careful.


Game over and is it a point won or a 2 lost.


Entertaining game in front of another 400+ crowd.


In the bar - Leiston have won again - oh s##t.


Ain't football fun !!!!


Well played Sudbury.

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And that sums up why we keep doing it.

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OT-You summed it up well as the result is both a point gained and 2 points dropped. We were poor at dealing with the aireal threat which Sudbury had, particularly with their set pieces and at the same time our ball playing team were not given the correct protection by a lenient referee, who allowed Sudbury's offences to go unpunished in regards to issuing any cards.


Key moment of the game was when Dean came off injured, I felt he was instrumental in breaking up the Sudbury attacks and could explain why they had the 6-7 minute onslaught at the end.


Never mind, move on still a long way to go, we'll get excited when Leiston start dropping points as a law averages they will.

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So play offs again? :huh:


NO WAY!! Leiston are only four points away. There are still thirty points to play for and they sill have to come to the Donkey Dome. It's going to be tough with Needham Market in form and coming right back into it I think. Their game at Grays on Wednesday night is a massive three points on offer for both clubs.



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