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Breaking news from Runnymede Stadium


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TRS we are not going to hike up admission prices.

£6 and £3 concession


Throw in 2 nice ice cold beers,an a large plate of Your excellent Sarnies,and we might consider it.I would really be taking the mick if I ASKED FOR FREE ENTRY,but I will not go that far.

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Usual ramblings season after season about budgets etc. Why are people on this forum so obsessed by what happens at Badshot Lea and again here we go again we have maximum points from 5 league games and still in the FA Cup its down to the budget. It couldn't for one minute have anything to do with the local players that we have drafted in this season, the team spirit or heaven forbid the new manager. I am not going to discuss on this forum anything about how the club is funded or the amounts etc. I would respectfully ask that we drop the subject of budgets and concentrate on the football and leave me to sort out the clubs move to the new ground. Watch this space...


ITK, I'm sorry I cannot drop the subject. Naturally there will always be ''ramblings'' about budgets, its in every league, even tonight MNF they were going on about budgets, you cannot escape it.


Erm didn't I say Badshot Lea have started well, I haven't knocked BL but you do have decent players and should be knocking on the door with your budget and players to boot. Yes of course the manager has to gel the team, but when you have money like Egham, you can go and get the ''better'' players 'cos money talks. I really don't know why people try to evade this, just be honest. We know how your club is funded with a bit of outside assistance but if ''Peter'' wants to splash his cash good luck to him but don't be in denial, hopefully for the sake of his pocket this could be his season.


It doesn't matter ITK whether we speak about Badshot Lea's budget or not, its a forum and that fact remains your team has one of the best in the CCL Prem, perhaps thats why you don't want to talk or admit it... another Windsor ? I know for a fact that the players you have at Badshot Lea are not playing for £30-£40 maybe some but most no. Its okay I haven't got a problem with it its just when clubs are in denial like Windsor and I proved them wrong.


Might pay a visit and watch your game tomorrow.....


Best of Luck for the season, probaly a good time to play Egham........ ^_^ !

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