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Happy Xmas To All Towners


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Well, what a year it's been .. and no end in sight ..  just spent £40 in the online club shop - there's some great stuff there - if everyone could spend a few quick there I'm sure it would help ...

Best wishes to all Towner Fans, Members, Players and Supporters .. have a great Xmas and keep safe ..

whenever it will be, look forward to watching a game again as soon as possible!

If anyone has a spare minute, how about thinking up a few ETFC XIs - legends, your favourite players, a most agressive XI, fattest XI, most overrated XI, etc .. any ideas welcome! Be good to get some disussion about players past and present!!



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Merry Christmas 

some players who stood out for me again efc and etfc

Steve King ,Paul Harding Noel Ashford ,Carl Richards ,Paul Furlong ,Danny Clark ,Mr ETFC Rudi Hall ,Tony Jennings , Terry Moore , Mo Faal , Billy Bricknall, Curtis Warmington  Erskin Smart Dave Howells Ronny Howells,this list goes on

 i think we have been lucky to have some very very good players play for us 

And some very good managers !!!



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Hope you're all having a good Christmas, aren't too bored and most importantly are staying healthy.

A year or so ago, I put together an ETFC XI based on the best team on paper had the players played for us at the peak of their powers (for example someone like Greg Heald wasn't the player he was when he moved to Peterborough when he re-joined Town, and likewise Mark Cousins was a decent young keeper for Town, but went on to much greater things).

1. Mark Cousins

2. Lee Protheroe

3. Al-James Hannigan

4. Bradley Quinton

5. Darren Purse

6. Greg Heald

7. Jonathan Hunt

8. Paul Turner

9. Scott McGleish

10. Corey Whitely

11. Martin St Hilaire


12. Jerome John

13. Billy Crook

14. John Ridout

15. Mo Faal

16. Billy Bricknell


There's every chance I've missed someone obvious, and I've not actually double checked that all of these did play for ETFC, although I'm pretty sure I remember them playing. I did everything I could to get Mark Kirby in there as well, and really he probably should be on the bench ahead of someone like Faal... Be interesting to see some other fantasy ETFC teams if people have time (what about a team of players most likely to get sent off, or a worst ETFC XI).


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Interesting concept from Barney. Thinking about the very best in each position from my time watching Enfield and ETFC, I have no doubt in my mind about the following 11 legends:

Andy Pape, Les Tilley, Tony Jennings, Alf D'Arcy, Ian Reid;

Mickey O'Sullivan, Ronnie Howell;

Noel Ashford, Carl Richards, Roger Day, Steve King.

Sorry, no ETFC players make it for me. Not surprising for these players I have selected would have been at National league premier level and above. I only saw Tommy Lawrence play on the wing after his head injury so have excluded him.  Great players all, great times.

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Lets be honest.No current or past Town player would get anywhere near a best combined 11..In fact i could pick 6 or 7 teams before a Town player would get picked (excluded players that have represented both teams,of course).

This is not slight on the many fine players who have represented Town.It's just that Enfield FC had so many great teams that played at a much higher level than Town currently have done.If we keep progressing then hopefully in the future i may be able to include some Town players in my best 11.


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