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Prediction League 2022-23. It's back. Please confirm entry by 31 Aug. New entrants welcome,


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Hello all.   Happy New Year! - yesterday’s result notwithstanding.  Still - we go again on Tuesday.

Anyway, despite my advancing years and increasing senility, the HFC Prediction League will rise again for 2022-23.

Normal rules apply - unless anyone has a good idea for improvement.  Just let me know and we can vote on it. AndyDick famously got one approved so it does happen. 

We need a minimum of 21 players to confirm the promotion of Mysterious Nick and Fat Tommy D (via the playoffs) – but that shouldn’t be a problem.  However, please can you confirm on here thay you want to rejoin/ join in the next couple of weeks (by 31 Aug at the latest) so I can confirm the divisional make-up. 

The first weekend will be 10 Sep allowing the normal 14 league matches and the playoff final on Christmas Eve.  Exciting for someone eh?   It would normally be a week earlier but I’ve got stuff to do in early Sep.

All new joiners will be accommodated – just let me know on here or to jago99@outlook.com  by 31 Aug – though it would be helpful if you are happy to predict on the forum as direct predictions are a pain in the bum to handle. 

Due to national economic pressures I suggest this year is “pay what you want” with a minimum of £2 – and an “advisory” of £10. The average so far is £20 but that’s on a low sample (two!) so no pressure J.   All monies go to the supporters’ association with optional free entry for the following year to the winners of the two Div 1 and Div 2 titles (remember we have 2 competitions each “season”; one up to Christmas, and one in Spring).  Nb - all contributions are confidential between me and you.

TL:DR = please confirm you want to join/rejoin, and first week will be 10th September!

ALREADY CONFIRMED so no need to reply:

Urchin Queen
Baby Jago
Mr D
Cool Hand Luke
COYS 1961
Mick da' Bat


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Fabulous work everyone.  Thanks for all the replies.

I've also had offline confirmations from Sir Colin, Adrian, and Mysterious Nick, so that's 22 so far.   Unfortunately this means Fat Tom (Jordan) and Mysterious Nick are confirmed as promoted, but we will just have to put up with them contaminating the top division with their dodgy floodlights, crumbling terraces, and poor half time burgers.

This means the only existing player not confirmed is The Hatted Urchin (Gavin) who I know doesn't come on here much.  I don't have his details so can someone ping him please - or drop me a note with his current email address/ mobile number (remember to check with him first please). 

NEW JOINERS STILL MORE THAN WELCOME.  It's very simple - even Colin can manage it.  Contact me at jago99@outlook.com  if you don't have a login.

Thanks all



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4 hours ago, Mojo4687 said:

Can I join in please

Yes - you are more than welcome.  Can you let me have a team name please Mojo, (nothing too rude).  You may or may not know the rules but I will put them up again when I post the first week's fixtures

We now have 23 teams so that's 12 per division (one dummy team if needed).
Any more for any more?

Cheers all


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