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Thank You Stimmo

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Just seen the news, pretty shocked considering a new contract was offered and we were so close to going up.

Nevertheless Mark and his team have given the club so many happy memories and it was fantastic having a manager of his calibre at our level.

I wish him all the best and it will be interesting to see if the club can continue to consistently push for promotion as we have under his leadership.

Thank You.

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All I can say I what a fantastic Manager we were privileged to have ar our pub team from Essex.

Mark is a brilliant professional at everything he did for us and we won the FA Trophy which is something none of us could ever dream of 

On a more personal note he was a great Manager to have worked around as were many of the coaches and back room staff who were a great advert for the game and our club.

Sadly football is a results business and an opinions  business we didnt quite make the National League South but I'm sure we would have done under his leadership however their is only so long you can be a contender and not win.

I'm shocked by the decision and I am  ot sure it is the right one but I also trust Alex our  chairman as a man who knows what he wants and I hope we can find another Manager as good or better than what Mark did for us.

Wishing you all the best Mark thanks for the fantastic memories and great bunch of players you brought to our club. I will never forget you or your team a great bunch to be working with.

All the best.

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Mark was a successful manager for us and winning the FA Trophy is genuinely legendary.

But like when Brian Clough left Nottingham Forest and Arsene Wenger at Arsenal to name but two, it is the right time for him to go.

We are a very attractive destination for an ambitious and proven manager and I am sure we will get an appointment that is just as impressive as Mark’s appointment was.


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Have to say I’m surprised by this and feel he should have been given one more season and had earned the right to that with the trophy win. Admittedly some strange substitutions in the final. Hopefully the club have someone in mind

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Mark and his team delivered the greatest day in the clubs history so he’ll always have legendary status at the Bridge.

I’m sure he will have many takers when clubs realise he’s available.

The main task was to get the club promoted for the past couple of seasons and it hasn’t quite happened for us so I think it’s probably the right decision though, time for some fresh impetus methinks

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Posted (edited)

I personally think this is a terrible decision. Not sure who is better and available. If we slide down the league now we'll be a bit of a laughing stock. Spence and a few others he brought in from Thurrock will go too I reckon, that's a good 4 or 5 who need replacing. 


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Sorry to see MS go,  I really liked him and he will always have god status at Bridge Avenue for bringing proper silverware to the club.

However on listening to what was being said, we all, and I for one, questioned the signings, the squad, substitutions etc etc etc. 

But I sit in the stand and pay for my ticket, I have no knowledge of what goes on behind closed doors or the thoughts of the owners. But thats football, fcuking love it!

The King is dead!, Long Live the King!

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Does anyone have any ideas about a replacement manager? I agree with lots of the comments already posted. I think the style of footy towards the end of season was disappointing. We need to make a quick decision as the friendlies will start in July so the new manager needs to be in post quickly. I think candidates will have been approached before the decision was made. 

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