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Memories of this season


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Unfortunately, I cannot make the Northwich match (due to mates stag do in Wales) so effectively, the season is over for me.

It's been a great season and I hope that we will end it 12 games unbeaten and keep the squad together. We seem to be doing this and hopefully, we can push higher up the table next season.

Well done to Andy, Ade, Brian and the players.

Here, in no particular order are my best and worst moments of the season:


1. Stevenage away - Matt Lee - get in there!

2. Morecambe home - mad ten minutes in the second half

3. Girlfriend from Dagenham with Fleet fans singing 'Sh1t town in Essex' in Dagenham - brilliant. Have been telling her this for a couple of years but she refuses to believe me! She bought a Daggers scarf as well - she has not forgotten the result.

4. Food at Stevenage - quality!

5. Hooky - legend!

6. Nice Notts County family on the bus and being on Sky!


1. Food at Aldershot - simply awful

2. Pikey fans at Aldershot train station - even worse

3. Losing 4-0 to Chester - we were bad that day

4. Stranded at Stevenage train station for an hour in the freezing cold

5. Losing in the last minute to Barnet at their place (and Burton, FGR equaliser etc etc)

6. Referees


See you all pre season when hopefully, England are European champions.

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For me it was deciding not to take the day off for the Shrewsbury match then discovering a work colleague had made a 14 hour (!) round trip for nothing having been delayed by points failures and trapped by blown down trees on the lines..... oops.


My fav game - Chester 0 Gravesend 1 in the cup, sticking it up the arrogant so and so's.


Worst game - first 45 mins away at Woking.

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Exeter game was quality... as was finding out we were to be live on Sky, although the prospect turned out to be a bit more exciting than the actual event.


Morecambe second-half was brilliant, and Margate away and Chester in the cup.


Thankfully I missed the drubbing at home to Chester, so worst moment of the season was probably defeat at home to Telford... I truly thought we were relegation fodder then!

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Hereford away we were really excellent in the first half, Haworths best game for us at the time.

Millers goal was excellent (ex fleet I know but a wonderful strike),

second half at Dagenham has to be up there, for the atmosphere and the way we took them apart.

Worst performance I saw was the FA trophy replay at Weston Sup. Mare, very few Fleet supporters there (thankfully)and Steve McKimm made a point of shaking all our hands at the end, he really looked dejected.

A really wonderful season all an all and thanks to everyone concerned at the club.

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Highlights were a plenty

But For me , Tamworth away.

Dennis Oli's first game and he showed what pace can do in this division. The way we took them apart seemed to give the team a massive lift. We scored 3 and could have had double that.

It was walking out of their ground, that it became clear we were on the up, it took a few more games to finally get it to click, but click it finally did.


Although Dennis didn't really reach the same standards after that game, he showed the way and it was no surprise that further signings up front were all very quick.


The next in the list of highlights, was witnessing the spirit displayed by the magnificent nine and then eight at Scarborough. They showed what the shirt meant to them on that day.


And the third on the list of highlights is yet to happen as it will come when the Earl Grey finally gets his hand in his pockets and buys a beer after the Northwich game on saturday.


lowlight - Only one really - Listening to the small band of chanters calling for Andys head at the end of the Chester home game.

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Highlights: Morecambe at home, Hereford away, Margate away+ home (how lovely to see so many fans down there).

Best game for me I think was exeter in the cup.


worst moments: start of the season :S, Aldershot journey food (although I didn't get ripped off. hehe)


My thanks to all involved with the management, behind the scenes etc.

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hereford away for me and my boy..from close second chester away twice..no lowlights for me, would rather spend an afternoon or evening watching the fleet than a day with the missus shopping (and that includes northwich away). fleet forever. BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT, Chris Moore not getting recognized by Englands non-league squad think he did enougth all season to get a call up. Congratulations to everybody involved at the club for a truly wonderful season lets end it with a win saturday.

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Best moment - Rob Owens penalty in the shoot-out against Exeter. Capped a superb match although for a split second I thought their keeper had saved it.

Worst moment - that Nayim-like goal for Weston Super Mare in the first FA Trophy match.


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Best moments.

Beating Exeter in the cup on penalties, great game and end to end stuff in ET. Both margate games, always nice to beat rivals twice, 2nd half Daggers away, morecombe home, just the sheare disbelief on everyones face as each goal went in, coming back form 1-0 away to forest green was pretty good for me esp perrin's face at full time, i made sure i reminded him of the aeroplane impression he did when they equilised in the last minute at are ground, and to conclude actually finishing in a postion that we deserve.


Worst moments.

Going down to dover in KSC, first 4 games of the season, Getting done by the pigs for swearing at a train in aldershot.


Thats all. Overall this season, (esp since crimbo) has been bloody amazing, roll on the next one.


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The worst. Going out to WSM in the FA Trophy. The side we have now could win that.


The best. The Exeter replay in the FA cup.


Sticking six past Morecambe was great, but some of their players' heads went down, understandably after the 3rd goal. With Exeter, though, two evenly matched teams playing cracking football for 120 minutes, with great goals from Sean Devine & Rob Haworth (brilliantly sent away by Ben Abbey.) What a penalty shoot out, too. High drama of the finest kind. Wrote down what happened with each kick as soon as I got in, so I'd never forget.


Great season. Well done, boys.



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The worst first 7 or 8 games and the thought we would be going down so early although I was one of the few who backed Andy.


The best so many Morecombe, Exeter in the cup, Daggers, the ten we stick past Northwich, both Margate games, Chester in the cup, Essendoh signing, Proths signing, Chris Moore signing, Notts County in the cup the list goes on what a season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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