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CCL Div1 predictions this year

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Park Boy you got it all wrong but thats what forums are for opinions so good luck,it will be Horley Farnham W Park i hope.Also Warlingham will now have a bad run as they have 10 games to go in about 24 days if they win them all then fair play they can come second,behind Horley.

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Why are you considering Div 1, Teffers ?


Your safe in the mighty Premiership, unlike the team you thrashed today.

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We are not considering Div 1, we work hard to get out of the division and worked hard to secure survival this season smile


Sorry Nuts, I hope your boys prove me wrong but their last few results is making it hard work for them. Keep'em going and good luck !!

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yes teffs results have been poor lately

made heavy weather of a poor salfords team today winning only

1-0 really they could have beaten us but they are shocking in front of goal..

very lacklustre and tired side at the moment plus the management and coaching staff getting on there backs does not help either but still about 8 games left........... is this season going to end, we play chipstead on thursday we need to be on our game or we could be smashed to oblivion

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You will need to be right up fot the Chipstead game Nuts Good luck again.


All good teams play poorly from time to time and if you can still win, then it will come right soon.

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