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Tonights Games


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Originally Posted By: Krooner
Well that seals it. If Meadowbank is playable everywhere is smile

Hee Hee! drinkies

We are away tonight at Bedfont Green so I wont get a coating on here today.

Incidentally, I can't make the game tonight but I will endeavour to get all the results on here as I get them.
Always tough getting any info by telephone from Farnborough (Badshot Lea) but will try!
The updated league table should be on our website by 10.30pm or so!!

Lots of love xxx

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Just popped down to Meadowbank to see the youth soccer school and academy in progress.


Pitch has been rolled and doesn't look too bad for tonight.

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A good point HH cant believe they let them play on it last night doesnt matter we dont use the grass anyway at Cove its all long ball apparently smile


Kroons cant get those boots out in this weather studs arnt long enough.

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Yeah dont know what Cove are moaning for all they do is go bang, with regards to the pitch the Ressies are having a fixture pile up aswell, and lets be honest how the hell are the pitches gonna recover after this bad weather we have had and i dont think thats the end of it.

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Spoke to Mick and was gonna come before I realised we also had a match..Hope your comments dom't bite you in the bum as I watched the Molsey game and also did'nt Cove give you a good game.

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