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so that is where the Wembley one came from.


would be really surprised if the FA sanctioned moves when in theory it will all be torn up a season later.

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With the rumour of Wembley moving leagues, that's Smudgeyboy prediction for next season out of the window..... :huh: !


With Terry Fred Venables being a Dagenham, Essex boy, I wonder if his contacts (players) are Essex based hence the rumoured move to the Spartan, even the Essex League could be a possibility......... ;) ?

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Are there any managerial rumours floating about???


Iv heard a few!


I've also heard a fair few!

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Please remember these are only rumours but do make for a good read!


Have heard that fleet town like Dean Thomas, changes at sandhurst, badshot lea may lose a member of there staff, Camberley may have changes with the titles of current staff.

Will Windsor manager stay with a supposed lesser budget? Will eversley manager remain doing the job without his mate in a joint partnership? And who's going to be aiding the frimly green push for promotion alongside current manager?


All hearsay, gossip call it what you like. Not shiit stirring just topics of which I have heard discussed. And I'm sure there's plenty more.

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Quite confident there won't be any change of manager at Eversley.


Brief chat after the planning meeting last night,suggested that we're all looking forward to pushing for promotion next season. Lots of improvements to the ground planned for the summer

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