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Where are they now?


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Yeah makes me feel what if ... yes Brad built a team from scratch, but at training on Day 1 he had 13 of his Enfield squad with him .. feels like it could have been us had we navigated the play offs in 2016/7.


Onwards and upwards .. hopefully there'll be news of some new signings this week ...

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John Muleba signs an improved contract at Braintree


Just noticed Harold Joseph was on loan at Wingate at end of the season


Taysh Hayden -Smith will represent Cascadia at CONIFA


Elliott Benyon has joined Leatherhead (and I see played for Whitehawk last year after us)

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I'm disappointed we have lost Blake .. with more confidence I think he could have become a great player for us.


Brad - I dont feel we ever saw the best of him ....



Any news on Sam Youngs - imperative he stays 



Stephen Hamilton Forbes (played a couple of pre season games for us a few years back) has joined Harrow ...

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I loved Blake's passion .. and on occasions he really shone .. like the home game in Feb we won 3-2 with a brace from him .. bit yes he wasnt consistent enough last season.


Ellul has today announced he has left Billericay again.. after rejoining them a few weeks ago .. I assume Braintree will be his next destination ... unless he is Billy Bricknell's best mate??????

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