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Prediction Lg: Wk 11 results, Wk 12 matches, Dec 8 at 15:00

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We had four away wins this week and one draw.   I shall have to have a word with this Stimson geezer if he keeps upsetting the sequential purity of the prediction results. But welcome anyway Mark.  The trickiest tie of the week was apparently the Toon-Irons showdown where only Mr D picked up any points at all.  Shame on the rest of you ‘ammers for lacking the faith.    Not that it did Mr D much good in the long run as the rest of his predictions were pants.

Up at the top it really couldn’t be more exciting (no, really it couldn’t).  Three teams still locked together as Paul C squeaked past Wivenhoe, and UrchinYid bribed his touring-mate Fat Tom to stay in the Ukraine and thereby barge his way back to the top on goals scored.    Ozz won the Ozz-Lord Upminster derby to leapfrog our resident tractor driver into 4th place, but frankly only the top 3 are safe.

In Div 2 there was a surprise defeat for the Dummy Team: well done Luke (only he knows how hard that is for me to say).  COYS is looking unexpectedly competent as well.  And WAKE UP DINAMO.  Or give me a tenner for the Dummy Team before Thomson gives me 20*.

Here it all is:




COLLIER ROW BOYZZ  (South, innit)



Next Week :



Fixture predictions Autumn League, Week 12, 8 Dec 2018.  

Valencia v Sevilla
Cardiff v Southampton
Chelsea v Manchester City
Barking v Grays
Urchins v Kingstonian

Up the Urchins, The Essex Barca



* Probably 20 PENCE I expect

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13 hours ago, The Hatted Urchin said:

Four straight wins to start the season and now a run of classy defeats. I bet I drop out of the playoffs...

Is it the drugs?  Did they stop working? 

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Valencia 1 v 1 Sevilla
Cardiff 1 v 0 Southampton
Chelsea 1 v 2 Manchester City
Barking 1 v 2 Grays
Urchins 2 v 1  Kingstonian
Att 235

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Marshland Mardlers

Valencia 1 - 2 Sevilla
Cardiff 1 - 0 Southampton
Chelsea 0 - 1 Manchester City
Barking 0 - 3 Grays
Urchins 1 - 0 Kingstonian
Att 187

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Valencia 2 - 1 Sevilla
Cardiff 2 - 1 Southampton
Chelsea 0 - 2 Manchester City
Barking 0 - 3 Grays
Urchins 2 - 1 Kingstonian 
Att 227.

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On 06/12/2018 at 08:27, cup of tea said:

Valencia v Sevilla 1-2
Cardiff v Southampton 1-2
Chelsea v Manchester City 1-2 
Barking v Grays 2-1
Urchins v Kingstonian 2-1
Att 170 

You've had your warning.  One point deducted.  Obviously I'm quite excited about this but it does mean I'll need a new column in the spreadsheet!

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