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It was obvious that the ex-Thurrock manager was going to bring in ex Thurrock players, that’s understandable. If they can get into a pattern of play that Mark Stimson (51) is comfortable with quickly as there’s already an understanding then I’m happy with that. Having said that,  I’m disappointed to lose Jay who’s been a consistently good player for us (stats prove that). We are playing more football in midfield , the key there is Taylor Miles who can spot a pass and uses the ball well. We haven’t really had anyone like that since Jon Hunt. Also the emergence of George Saunders has been a real bonus for us. Great for Jimmy and the staff to find him. 

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13 hours ago, Dagger03 said:

Mike - You wrote - "Remi was injured but Mark brought him on as centre forward in last few minutes so he could achieve 200 games milestone."

Are you sure about this?

Remi was originally a Hornchurch player - he played for our Capital League side in 2008. He then went to Canvey, Great Wakering and Basildon, before joining Thurrock in 2013, and he was there, apart from a brief period at Greenwich Borough, until the end of last season.

I have his Thurrock appearances as follows -

2013-14 - 25 apps and 1 goal

2014 -15 - 31+ 1 and 2 goals

2015-16 - 43 and 2 goals

2016-17 - 36+2 and 1 goal

2017-18 - 41+1 and 5 goals

TOTAL for Thurrock - 176 + 9 subs and 11 goals

And - just to complete the stats - 30 appearances this season for Enfield Town.

The Thurrock figures are from the Mike Wilson stats books, which in turn came from the Isthmian League, and they were submitted to the league by Thurrock FC, but I do not know if they include county cup games, so would be grateful if you could confirm the totals for each season if you have them.



Wow, that is extremely comprehensive.

I have never collated stats myself so cannot add any more to what you already have. I was basing my comments on the player stats page in the final Thurrock FC program which had Remi at 199 games; that he was on the team sheet at Staines despite being injured for the one purpose of being brought on to achieve the 200 game milestone (A touch of class from Mark I thought); Chairman Tommy South presenting him with a commemorative gift to recognise the achievement. All circumstantial I grant you but compelling all the same.

I would recommend that you perhaps get in touch with Thurrock's co-founder, fixtures secretary, club secretary, committee member Norman Posner (Now at AFCH) who might be able to fill the gaps.

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Mike - I will ask Norman Posner, as you suggest.

I think the most likely answer is that the county cup matches have not been included, as it seems that 200 is the correct figure.








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