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bad start again

old towner

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we say it time and time again the thing is the board see something in Andy  ,what it is we dont know

answers on a postcard please

do the players not like Andy, dont like his style of play.

this may have been bought up before , if members have one vote in the club can they not have a vote in who is kept and who goes ??? after all they have a share in the club  same as who is elected chair of our club ?? something to think about

we need money coming into the club  a first or second round facup would be nice  pity Andy's luck in the cup runs never worked at the town !!!!

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Probably nothing by Andy and the coaching staff.

It is interesting to note that we start well but gradually our opponents take control. That seems to me a lack of fitness in the players, possibly as has been highlighted by 4 wembley finals. We do not seem to be able to keep our promising youngsters.

Consider the way that Parcell was treated by this manager.

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Highlights from Horsham game on youtube 

I wasnt there due to illness (and glad I didnt make the trip) but looking at this, some poor mistakes


Goal 1 - their defender picks the ball up in his own box, runs to the centre circle unchallenged, and threads a ball through to the striker - not marked properly

Goal 2 - their midfielder walks into the box unmarked and able to place it

Goal 3 -  we lose the ball on the attack - the interceptor runs a good distance unchallenged, 2 passes inside to unmarked players, and a shot from outside area I would expect to be saved

Goal 4 - From OUR CORNER, they win possession, 3 simple passes to unmarked players - and then Nathan should have done better being caught out at near post

Goal 5 - Chappell heads away, their guy collects unchallenged, 2 touches and a shot from distance

I've watched these several times and I think they are all very poor - on top of the Stortford game the week befroe I was at, and we do not seem to be sorted defensively. The lack of marking and orgnaisation is  very worrying.


I don't get why Small was sub after being our best player at Stortford? Why was Weathers sub? Why has Junior not been given a start yet?


I'm always glass half full and like to be optimistic; I agree wich Richard K it is too early to judge.

I think the cup exit was unlucky - worst possible draw we could have got and when we equalised I thought there would only be 1 winner - didnt realise there was no extra time!

I think the squad is good overall - and they would not stick around if there wasnt good team spirit. And the 2 week of isolation wont have helped preparations ..


I do think we need a defensive coach though to work on this stuff. Thomas is pivotal to our team but we need to have other options .. 

- why has the defence changed so much - e.g. why was Weathers on the bench?

- should we look to play 3 at the back? Extra cover whilst allowing us to use the width effectively?


Hopefully the next 2 home games will see 2 solid performances and some positive stuff to discuss ...





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Excellent analysis RG. Unfortunately however it could have been written many times over the last couple of years. Fortunately for us we had MO to come up with outstanding individual goals which help to cover the obvious cracks. I have said it many times before the problem lies with organisation. AL and his assistants appear to have only one pattern of play. Something which many of us appear to agree on.

It's no secret that I never accepted AL to be a long term manager of the club. My various criticisms are well documented over the past 3 years. Certainly nothing personal as they are all directed at his philosophy in how he sets up teams to play. In the beginning of his reign he performed miracles in getting together a squad within weeks. Also he has attracted many players, especially young ones, who many clubs are now happy to have now engaged. Because of this the he appears to be unable to move the club forward. 

In these difficult times I certainly want something to perk me up. It would be nice to see something different tried. I believe that last season he had players with the ability to accept a new approach. I am sure we still have enough experienced players to adapt to a new system. 

We can only wait and see which team turns up tomorrow.   

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