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Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent


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21 minutes ago, old towner said:

that will be them two gone  thanks Brad and thanks board for letting them go

I’m sure the board has much the same views however as already discussed they have no power to stop them. No contract go whenever you like. There are no such things as loans for non contract players (why they ever say a player is loaned is beyond me). All we can hope for is maybe dual registration and hope the player wants to come back but the grass may be greener and the money in his pocket heavier 

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1 hour ago, old towner said:

that will be them two gone  thanks Brad and thanks board for letting them go

Looks that way - with BQ describing Lyle as their best player last night and reminiscing about having him at Braintree.

Hope Andy is lining up some decent replacements and getting any approaches in.

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On 09/11/2020 at 10:41, old towner said:

i wish i knew but reading the coments on here nobody is worried if we loose all our good players

I don’t think that’s entirely true. I am sure all clubs would want to keep their best players but market forces, and the sound of those extra pounds, shillings and pence, will always tempt players into moving on if they can.

it’s a sign of the times and will always be.

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Kent Sports News match report included the following:

"Lyle Della-Verde has joined the Wings on dual registration from Enfield for his second spell with the club. He was outstanding against Concord and Quinton was delighted. “He’s a good player.” he enthused. “I had him before when he was at Braintree. He’s got everything. I will keep working him and get him fitter and sharper but I think that he was the key tonight.

“If you want my honest opinion, I think he was man of the match. I think he dictated it and the goal he scored was very, very good. The positions he was getting in were very, very good as well and I’m pleased for him. He’s a lovely, lovely lad and he’s a good player.”

When he was previously at Welling, he played as a winger but Quinton played him in a more central  midfield role and Quinton explained. “You’ve got to try and get the strengths out of people and if you have them as a winger and you don’t get the ball out to the winger, then they’re wasted. Wingers have changed now. You need to adapt. You need to be better during the game for your teammates.

“I think Ade (Shokunbi) was very good as well in midfield.” he continued “A very good dogged performance. Ryan Blackman had a good game as well. Overall, we were probably the better team at playing football and it was disappointing not to get three points then we go again and give away a penalty. It’s frustrating but we keep working. The harder you work, you correct these mistakes and that’s what you have to do.”....."

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