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The Contingency Plan?


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I hope someone is watching all our airports and cross-channel ferries, then !



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So now that we are in the middle of March, what is the membership renewal situation ???


I'm not being 'sarki' - just a general enquiry !

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Global Mod, a delight to meet you. It's because all of my posts this afternoon got deleted by the Tooting Popular Front. I'm ducking and diving a bit at the moment but I promise to be a good boy from now on.


Will I have the pleasure of discussing all things Ebbsfleet with the charming loosley anymore or have you shot him?

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The drivel posted this afternoon was not deleted by the Tooting Popular Front Samuel but by me, and the Moderators on here had nothing to do with it. The Tooting Popular Front Freedom Fighters do not, unfortunately, do deletions and bannings as they lean a little to the left of Marx, but as an affecionado of Khan, I do. Shall we take this as a very friendly and heart felt request for you to be a worthwhile poster please?


Many Thanks

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Yes really. Are you not a complete retard? Really?


I misunderstand nothing Claudius. I can see quite clearly that you have no life or purpose other than to run us all down. May I ask why you are actually here? If you had any guts, you would be posting your drivel on MyFC itself. Oh, you asked for your account to be deleted didn't you? Lightweight.


Allstars was banned from this forum for comments made about something that happened at Aldershot away last season (league game). I cannot comment on the reasons behind other bannings as I don't know the facts. Maybe you should take that on board when you post in future.


As for bingedrinking, once again you are hopelessly wrong.


How do you know you that you have read 'many a drunken post' of his? For all you know, I have a dirty needle hanging out of my arm, am mainlining crack through a Burger King straw and have a joint in the ashtray while halfway through a bottle of vodka. Do you know that? No. You don't.


Drunken stories yes. I'll give you that one. Drunken stories are funny Claudius but I am guessing you are far too pious to appreciate that.


Loose is a moderator on here.


That is funny.


As for the link Loosey, I cannot read it. Please, please, please reinstate my account (banned for no reason after three posts) so I can view it?


I think I know what it is. :-)

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Paul does drink , but he does it in a real world enviroment where he talks to real people. He puts his point of view and is happy to listen and respond.


You Claudius are a pompous twit whos sole aim is to see EUFC fail. Dont come back spouting its MYFC you wish to see fail as that is rubbish. Page after page of nonsense going on about how much cash the club are loosing and how they will fail. We are not stupid , and secret forums exist in more than one place.


We know your insider , we know a fair bit about a lot of you. In fact we couldnt give a toss about any of you really.


MYFC may be pushing the club to the brink and if it does go belly up I couldnt give a monkeys if you are happy or not. Sometimes in life , you have to start at the bottom again both personally and professionally. This could be anything from Divorce to redundancy to bankruptcy.


But as long as we have OUR club , we are winning the game you have started. And it is a game Claudius , A game that you will not win as no matter what happens , there will always be football for those who want it bearing the name or EUFC or GNFC and carrying the history that the failure which you claim MYFC is were part of.



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Claudius - hasn't it dawned on you yet that the main reason you're all alone here most of the time is that no-one has any interest in what you're saying - you're looking like Hitler did in the last days of his life in his bunker - always going over your plans and figures and working out what's going on and what will happen when at the end of the day.... your thoughts, your reasoning and your importance to Ebbsfleet United is absolutely nothing. Why not do everyone a favour and just melt away quietly

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